Rodents of Unusual Size

Some of you may be aware of my liking of rats as pets.  If not let me summarise.

Rats are the greatest pets that a human being could ever ask for.

Wild rats are a slightly different matter though.  They simply don’t have the same manners as a fancy rat.  No sir, no manners at all.  In fact the wild rat is a bit of a country bumpkin compared to the sophisticated metropolitan rat.  However, what they lack in culture they more than make up for in size.

The rats of Fareham Train Station are some of the largest rodents that I have ever seen.  They are bigger than The Giant Rat of Sumatra and are certainly the inspiration for James Herbert’s The Rats.  I have been trying to obtain a photograph of these enormous beasts but they seem to have noticed my interest and are currently being quite elusive.

I’m afraid an artist’s impression will have to suffice.

Rat in a Field

If you see one of these rodents please do not approach them.  They are very shy.


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22 responses to “Rodents of Unusual Size

  1. Are you going to credit that artist?
    *looks pointedly at you*


    (PS, Polly and Sybil were being naughty last night. They were flying around their cage like little monkeys. I had to shut them in the en suite to get some peace and quiet!)

  2. I’m not sure if I can credit this young and extremely talented artist. I know she values her privacy above all things and I wouldn’t want to cause her any public discomfort. 😉

    I went into the Little Pet Shop That Is Being Driven Out Of Business By The Big Pet Shop on Saturday to look for baby rats that might be growed up enough to house share with me in a month or two. Sadly Little Pet Shop That Is Being Driven Out Of Business By The Big Pet Shop didn’t have any rats at all, just stoopid bunnies. Little Pet Shop is run by kindly humans who make sure to play with the animals and get them used to humans. Big Pet Shop just leave them in cages and don’t even talk to them.


  3. M

    Is an artist credit like a store credit?

    And bunnies are cool and not stupid. Okay, they’re not rats, but they’re not stupid. (unless they had dunce caps on, of course, in which case they’re dumb bunnies… or if they look like balls of dirt… in which case they’re dust bunnies… or they get beamed down from the USS Enterprise on away missions… in which case they’re energiser bunnies…. )


  4. It’s ok. She deleted that blog. 😛

  5. Mas, the “not rat” part of being a bunny is what makes them rubbish pets. Plus they’re vicious little blighters with great, big, sharp, pointy teeth.
    *waves fingers in front of mouth in a simulation of the great, big, sharp, pointyness of the great, big, sharp, pointy teeth*
    Rrrrr rrr rraar.

    Blue, I’m not sure who she even is now. She’s a figure of great mystery and goes by many names. I’m actually pretty sure that she is an international super spy.

  6. I never heard a rabbit go Rrrrr rrr rraar.

    And I think you are right about the international super spy thing.

  7. M

    Rats have the same teeth, but on a smaller scale.

    Really though, it’s all down to the animal’s personality. You get sweet bunnies and sweet rats, and you get horrible ones too. Just the way it sometimes goes.

    M – I’ve a sweet bunny.

  8. Lovely soup of blue, I knew it. *clicks fingers*
    I’m sure wabbits make that noise. I’ve seen a film with it in.

    Mas, wabbits do so not have rat teeth. Rat teeth are strong and shiny and are occasionally made out of love while wabbit teeth are fashioned from purest evil. Although I suppose that there is an exception to every rule.

  9. M

    purest evil? Like in the time bandits? Excellent! Woo-hoo!

    Um. I mean, “no, no; surely not. You must be wrong Mr Frog”

  10. M

    Oh… and they do grown (kind of rumbly) when threatened… and they buzz when they’re horny… which probably explains why a popular brand of self-pleasure device is named “the rabbit” …. (oh… it’s because of the ears? Well, I shouldn’t meddle with things I know nothing about then…)

  11. M

    grown… what are my fingers thinking. Growl. Growl. Growl.

    I’d like to blame hayfever for it all.

  12. I did think that you had some super wabbits with size control powers. Super Giant Bunnies from Mas.

    Yes, Time Bandits. Classic.

  13. I am not sure Monty Python’s Holy Grail counts as documentation of rabbits going Rrrrr rrr rraar

  14. M

    I’ll use that for my Autobiography if I ever get to be famous enough to need one “Super Giant Bunnies from Mas” 🙂

  15. We used to have a rat. They are the most friendliest of creatures. And so easy to train. As long as we had the bedroom door shut so the cats couldnt get into the room she would run around our bedrooms. Unfortunately after about 6 months of owning her, she started to make me sneeze so I couldnt pick her up. She is no longer with us and she died of an unknown illness. Good luck with ur male rats tho. Do they not get aggressive at all?

  16. Soupy, it surely does and The Life of Brian is an historical document for biblical events.

    Mas, glad to be of assistance.

    Moocheroo, that’s unfortunate about the sneezing. I’ve only ever known rats to be aggressive when they aren’t handled. If they’re not used to it they can get stroppy.

  17. Why are you getting boys this time? They are wee-ers.

    And my girls are sneezing more than usual. And Polly has developed a little grunt as well. I am a bit worried about her.

  18. They do piddle a bit more than the ladies but that’s no problem really. They just seem to be healthier than ladies when they get older….I think they have less to go wrong.

    If your girls are sneezing you may wish to change the bedding in their cage to a different brand….or it might just need a good clean. Ammonia does tend to build up after a while. It could be that they have lung infections. Jack Rat had that and it never really cleared up. Once they get a cough it can scar their wind pipes.

  19. I use carefresh and it was never a problem before… Also scrub their cage every week with pet disinfectant…

    I think they’ve got that ratty breathing thing… Boo.

  20. You could try avoiding mushrooms in their diet and try giving them fresh meat and green veggies once a week to bolster their immune systems. That dry stuff is great but they do need a bit more variety.

  21. Never given them mushrooms before… But they eat loads of stuff – often my left over dinner. And Polly goes nuts for a cherry tomato.

  22. Cherry tomato should be fine, I think bananas and mishrooms are no no foods.

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