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National Blood Week

It’s National Blood Week. I’m not due to donate for another month but if you’ve been thinking about donating your time for a good cause then giving blood is a good cause.


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Christians object to Disney’s “Gay Day”

Walt would spin in his grave.

An anti-gay Christian group is spending $7,000 to fly planes over Orlando, Fla., dragging giant banners that read, “Warning Gay Day at Disney.” The campaign is part of the group’s boycott and protest of the annual event.

Florida Family Association claims thousands of people enter the park each year during “Gay Day” only to turn around and leave when they realize gay people and same-sex couples are present. The group says it wants Disney to reschedule Gay Day at night after the park closes.

Heavens to purgatory, gay people exist and they go out in public. Quickly, lock up your families so they aren’t exposed to the horror.

The Florida Family Association says patrons of the event wear T-shirts that “promote homosexuality” and dress in drag. The groups also charges that gay couples publicly kiss, hug and grope each other – behavior the group’s leaders believe will turn children gay if they witness it.

Shocking! Gay people daring to show affection for one another in public. Not only do they have the audacity to exist but now they aren’t even cringing in shame at they own gayness. What is the world coming to?

Why do Disney allow this?

The six-day Pride celebration draws about 160,000 people, who spend an estimated $150 million, to the area to celebrate. Thousands of the event’s participants visited Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom on June 4.

Oh yes, two incomes, no dependents. That means that they have money to spend. But surely Disney don’t want to take the gay money, won’t it turn them gay?


On a positive note I think that it is great that the Christian Right are helping to advertise this event. After all it originated as a way to raise awareness of gay issues and to highlight that non-hetero people exist and aren’t just going to disappear because some people can’t accept the fact.



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Jesus: Prophet of Islam

I must admit to a little bit of joy on hearing this news. As you probably know Islam considers Jesus to be a prophet along the lines of Moses, Abraham and, of course, Muhammad (PBUM).

Islamic group MyPeace, which wants to encourage Christians and Muslims to find common ground by raising awareness that Islam believed in Jesus Christ.

Isn’t that nice? Unfortunately for this peaceful attempt at opening dialogue between the faiths the Christians in Sydney don’t like it much.

Bishop Julian Porteous, from the Archdiocese of Sydney, says Christians believe that Jesus “is more than a prophet”…”In Australia with its Christian heritage a billboard carrying the statement `Jesus A prophet of Islam’ is provocative and offensive to Christians.”

Needless to say someone vandalised the billboard.

Christians, if you didn’t know, Islam believes in the same god as the Jews and the Christians. This is the god of Abraham and Isaac. They believe in Jesus, just like you but they have a different take on his divinity. Surely there is some common ground that you can meet on?

Of course not. As an atheist I will just sit back and watch the fireworks while feeling smug and superior to you all. That is what we do after all.


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Catholic Appeals

The Catholic adoption agency, Catholic Care, who lost their appeal to discriminate again gay people three times is having another attempt. They seem to be in a bit of a rut and claim that they either discriminate or close. Silly Catholic Care, there is a third option: stop discriminating and remain open. Easy.

The case has already been rejected by the High Court last year and the Charity Commission.

Now the Charity Tribunal has dismissed the charity’s appeal.

The tribunal said it would be “a loss to society” if the charity stopped its adoption service but said it was “by no means certain” this would happen

I disagree, of course, an adoption agency that actively discriminates and perpetuates a superstitious myth choosing to close isn’t a loss to society. It is good for society. Oh but think of all the children that they help, I hear you cry. Well they manage to place a grand total of five children every year and it would certainly be a pity if any child had to suffer as a result of the Catholic Church and their actions. We all know how much the Catholic Church loves little children.

Let a secular charity pick up their funding. They at least won’t treat gay people who want to adopt like lepers.

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