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You know what?

I was an adult, at least in my twenties, before I found out that Easter had anything to do with Christianity. About a decade later I found out that it doesn’t have much to do with it at all. Yeah, it was ripped off. Can you believe it?

That’s because I’m a godless savage. Watch out or I might eat your brains…or something.


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Pet blog

My much neglected pet blog is still going.  You know, just in case my inane witterings aren’t enough for you.

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Big Demon Bunny

This is Saffie.

This is Tiny Tash carrying her.  You should have an idea of how big she is from this picture.  Ignore the half unpacked boxes in the background.

Saffie taking the kids for a walk on a lead.  That’s the back garden.


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Floppy eared menace

Look what that pesky Sapphire has gone and done.  I don’t know, turn your back for five minutes…..


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Never send a woman to do a man’s job.

Well if that title doesn’t get some comments then nothing will. 

We spent the weekend unpacking.  As much fun as this sounds I had really had enough of it by about midday on Saturday.

On Sunday we had reached the point where we couldn’t unpack anything else without some additional shelves.  With this in mind The Hildy set off into town with her sister and a list of specific bookcases to purchase….

…several hours later she returned with a rabbit.

No bookcases just a white, fluffy bunny.  Named Sapphire, Saffie for short.

We still haven’t decided on names for the rats though.


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