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E Gary Gygax RIP

Basic SetI’ve just found out that Gary Gygax died on Tuesday.

I bought the Red Box Basic rules in 1983 with pocket money that I’d save for weeks and the Blue Box Expert rules a month or two later.  We used to play after school at a friend’s house.  I attribute my interest in reading both fiction and history to the playing of this game as a child.  I also attribute my learning mathematics to this game and the countless hours of adding up dice and calculating THAC0s, Saving Throws and ACs on the fly.

The man was also a prolific writer and imaginative world builder who took a game and built an industry on what he enjoyed doing.  An inspiration to many people, he will be missed.

I wonder what he’ll roll up for his next character?


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Two little things

Bill posted this yesterday and it was interesteing so I’m copying it.

I’d like to ask these two simple questions:

  • If you could travel to any two places in the world, where would you go?
  • If you could change two things about the world, what would you change?


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The Bright Town Dungeon

I was working in East Sussex yesterday, which was nice, so I popped down to Brighton to see the very gorgeous, intelligent and witty Slytherin Head Girl.  Prior to the obligatory full body huggle I first had to find the beautiful princess in an unfamiliar town.  Armed only with very vague directions delivered over an awful mobile phone connection I began my journey.

I travelled underground to where the trolls live where I was attacked and my sense of direction stolen.  I became distracted by a record shop that sold real records and wandered aimlessly for a time until I discovered a watering hole called The Pond.  This was not my destination though and I had to battle my way through endless armies of seagull warriors to find my way back to familiar lands.  Sensibly the angelic head girl came to my rescue and directed me to a house of dragons.  It was here that I received a proper greeting as befits a traveller in a strange land.

I was introduced to natives of the Bright Town who were out celebrating the coming of age of one of their number.  This ancient rite of passage involved imbibing copious quantities of a liquids called “beer” and “wine” as well as many boasts and friendly contests of words.  The house of dragons proved to be a suitable venue for this rite and much pleasure was had by all.

It was with great sorrow that I was forced to depart early in order to catch the last train out of town.  The plan was to travel back to the castle of Lady Chloe and continue the celebrations.  I was sad to decline the offer of entering her abode but the last train leaves very early.  Perhaps next time I can stay over and see some of the town the next day.  Maybe check out that record shop again.

Sort of a rambling post but there you go.

Please now encourage Chloe to blog more.


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Mildly intoxicated bloggery

The lovely Hildy is out at the moment celebrating her old school chum’s FORTIETH birthday.  I was assisting with the celebration until about half an hour ago when I had to return to allow the babysitter to depart.

I’m only mildly perturbed by the reaction of “granny” that I’d allow The Hildy to walk the two hundred metres from the Art Centre to our front door.  Do you think I should have kept her longer so that The Hildy wouldn’t have to walk home alone?

Clearly then I am required by common etiquette to “wait up ” for The Hildy’s return.  this gives me ample opportunity to relate the events of this day to you, my fellow bloggers.

Following a brief “lie in” this morning The Hildy and I took the children to the cinema at Gunwharf.  Unfortunately the girly members of my family refused to watch the excellent movie of my choice and opted for the ridiculous movie Even Almighty.  While I generally approve of religious parody  I cannot, in all honesty, countenance the paying of monies for so obviously dire a motion picture.  The Beautiful Hildy overruled me and Cake Worm and Little Al accompanied me to see Transformers while the gentler Tiny Tasha and Snarly went with mummy to see Even Almighty.

I imagine that I got the better part of the deal because Transformers proved to be a very entertaining motion picture.  Reliant on the special effects for much of it’s impact it still proved to be amusing with a storyline that, while simplistic, raised numerous guffaws from the crowd as well as several gasps of amazement. 

Returning home we had scant moments to prepare our family abode for Granny and to change our attire for the party.  Yet, we managed it without recourse to harsh language.  The children performed their appointed duties with aplomb and I was nearly overcome with familial pride.

I confess to enjoying one or two alcoholic beverages prior to our arrival at the party.  I should at this point mention that Scott has know The Hildy since she was five years old and that he is extravagantly a male hairdresser of some local repute.  This will no doubt explain my amusement at his “slutty” silver shoes as well as the moment of non-recognition that I had when we first arrived.

I am now seeking some small conclusion to my tale but The Lovely Hildy has yet to return.  I may yet fall asleep in front to the telly in a fretful state as I wait for her.

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Poor Paris

I must admit to laughing out loud at this.

Does that make me a bad person?


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Martial Art

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Happy POETS day everybody.


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I’ve been reading Friendly Atheist a bit recently and came across a set of common questions that get asked quite frequently when I’m bothering the God Squad.  I’d be interested in hearing your own answers to these questions or rebuttals if you are faithfully a faithful follower of a faith.

  • Why do you not believe in God?
  • Where do your morals come from?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Is atheism a religion?
  • If you don’t pray, what do you do during troubling times?
  • Should atheists be trying to convince others to stop believing in God?
  • Weren’t some of the worst atrocities in the 20th century committed by atheists?
  • How could billions of people be wrong when it comes to belief in God?
  • Why does the universe exist?
  • How did life originate?
  • Is all religion harmful?
  • What’s so bad about religious moderates?
  • Is there anything redeeming about religion?
  • What if you’re wrong about God (and He does exist)?
  • Shouldn’t all religious beliefs be respected?
  • Are atheists smarter than theists?
  • How do you deal with the historical Jesus if you don’t believe in his divinity?
  • Would the world be better off without any religion?
  • What happens when we die?

In related news, The Hildy says that I take the God issue far too seriously but as she packed me off to work this morning with the tender phrase “Bugger off, it’s the first day of my holiday” I’m not listening to her today.


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For my geeky chums

function roll4d6(){
   d1=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   d2=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   d3=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   d4=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   if ((d4<=d3)&(d4<=d2)&(d4<=d1)){
      return d1 + d2 + d3;
   else if ((d3<=d4)&(d3<=d2)&(d3<=d1))
      return d1 + d2 + d4;
   else if ((d2<=d4)&(d2<=d2)&(d2<=d1))
      return d1 + d3 + d4;
      return d2 + d3 + d4;


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Lie to me

Buffy: Nothing’s ever simple anymore. I’m constantly trying to work it out. Who to love or hate. Who to trust. It’s just, like, the more I know, the more confused I get.
Giles: I believe that’s called growing up.
Buffy: I’d like to stop then, okay?
Giles: I know the feeling.
Buffy: Does it ever get easy?
(Ford rises as a vampire, and Buffy slays him.)
Giles: You mean life?
Buffy: Yeah. Does it get easy?
Giles: What do you want me to say?
Buffy: Lie to me.
Giles: Yes, it’s terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true, the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after.
Buffy: Liar.

I, of course, never lie but if I did my lies would be the kindest lies that ever could be and I would use them only to help people.

What was the last lie that you told?


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