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The Hildy works with vulnerable people.  They’re vulnerable because they are so bloody stupid that they really should be prevented from passing on their stupid genes to the next generation.  I’m not even joking about that.

A recent example is a woman who has a couple of kids who don’t go to school.  They don’t go to school because their single mother can’t be bothered to get out of bed and take them to school or she may possibly just be hung over.  Either was she doesn’t get them to school and then she shouts at them for making a mess or for waking her up.  She generally just a bit rubbish.  OK, a lot rubbish.

She recently saw an advert of a dating website* that she was very interested in.  It read a bit like this:

Mature man seeks young lady for fun.  Especially interested in women with school age children.

My (and maybe your) interpretation of this after the initial “ew that’s a bit strange” reaction is:

Sick pervert seeks naive slapper for sex.  Also wants to groom children for paedophile ring.

At the very least any mention of children on a sex exchange dating website would raise alarm bells with most people.  I’d hope so anyway…maybe I’m just jaded.

Another example is the 18 year old son of one of The Hildy’s clients who sold his younger 11 year old brother to his abuser who took them both to Amsterdam for a week.  The parents were surprised when social services** became involved because “it was nice for him to have a holiday”.

A slightly better example is the brother and sister who have no friends at school because they smell and they have no social skills.  The older sister knows that they have no friends and has started self harming for attention while the younger brother interacts with other children by screaming at them and punching them.  They have an 11% and 8% school attendance record.  The teachers prefer it when they aren’t there to disrupt classes.  They smell because they’ve never been taught to wash, probably because no one ever taught their parents.

Germaine Greer once advocated sterilising all male children at birth.  The operation would be reversed only when they could pass a test proving their suitability for parenthood and an appropriate level of responsibility.  Until quite recently I’ve always disagreed with this (admittedly unworkable) plan but the more The Hildy tells me about the sort of people who she gets to try to help the more I lean towards it being a good idea.

*All poor people can afford a whizzy new computer thanks to Bright House.  They also have mahoosive High Definition teleboxes and snazzy sound systems…..at least for a few months until they get repo’ed.  Then they just do it all over again.

**Social services only deal with one in four cased in my local area raised because they don’t have the manpower to deal with the other three.  The Hildy says that it is only luck that they so far haven’t had a headline grabbing child murder than social services did nothing about.


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Make a monkey out of me will ya?*

I received a very kind “Thank you” email from The John Aspinall Foundation today.  I’ve been donating ten whole English pounds to them for a while now and this is the first time they’ve sent me anything.  Not that they need to but I was starting to feel as if they’d forgotten about me.

Why give money to The John Aspinall Foundation?  Well, it’s mainly the work that they do to protect gorillas.  These gentle creatures are significantly more deserving of charity than most humans…at least most humans that I’m aware of.  Although The Hildy insists on giving money to human charities as well.  She has much more charity in her heart than I do.  This is probably why she works with the dregs of society while I work with machines.  Machines are predictable and clean (even if they can catch viruses) and there’s no maliciousness about them.  People do horrible things that make me hate them.

The Hildy told me that one of her clients’ 12 year old daughter has contracted an SDT.  This is probably from her client’s boyfriend.  It isn’t the worst thing that she’s told me about her clients but it is the most recent.  Anyway that’s probably something that you don’t want to hear about so I’ll go back to talking about apes.

Apparently that nice Dermot O’Leary is off to do a documentary about endangered gorillas and illegal hunting of them in Africa soon.  I think he’s working on some telebox program or other at the moment but he’s off to the Congo when it’s over.

*Yes, I do know that gorillas and other apes are not monkeys.  The title was just for effect.


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