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The lady doth protest too much, methinks

Tiny Tash is writing a letter to Tesco to protest against their harsh treatment of amphibians.  I wish I could say that I’d had a direct hand in this but it is entirely her own idea.  She’s even designed a header for her letter with a picture of a tortoise on it and she refers to Tesco as “an evil shop”. 

Cake Worm responded to this by claiming that it doesn’t do any good to protest because it doesn’t change anything.

How did I manage to raise someone as cynical as this?

The Hildy (who is faster off the mark than I am) cited Rosa Parks and her refusal to give up a bus seat to a white man in 1955.  Her protest prompted a mass black boycott of buses and was instrumental in raising racial awareness issues in North America.

Now Cake Worm is aware that one person can make a difference and Tiny Tash is ready to take on the world in the defence of amphibians at nine years old.  I didn’t start protesting till I was a student and we marched against the poll tax.

All is well in the hoverFrog household.

What rouses you to protest?


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