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The Chances of Anything Coming from Mars…

The Phoenix Mars Lander well..landed…on Sunday evening on..well..Mars.  Just in case you couldn’t guess, it’s called Phoenix.

Did you know that the photograph taken from the orbiter space craft that dropped the lander off is the very first photograph taken from a spacecraft of another spacecraft landing on Mars?

Martian Tripod...In Woking.I’m going to keep any eye on the latest developments on Mars.  You know, just in case the Martians come out to say hello.

OK, it’s unlikely but the Phoenix Lander has see fresh cracks in the ground which might be a sign of ice movement.  That might be a sign that there is subterranean water, which may be a sign that there could be life.

Wouldn’t that be cool?


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Cookies Haiku

I have made cookies
There are not many left now
We have eaten them.


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Eurovision or Doctor Who?

I mean, honestly.


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Blatantly stolen from Helen over at Conversations at the Edge.


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TieI wore one of my red ties yesterday.  Today I’m going back to the green one rather than opting for black, brown or blue.

I think it only proper.

Gentlemen, what tie will you be wearing today?  Ladies, what hat will you be wearing today?  I ask about hats because we gents will obviously be wearing our bowlers as we travel into The City to work.  That really should go without saying.

Must dash, I don’t want to miss the steam engine to Basingstoke.


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I’m off to Basingstoke for three days on a course.

Basingstoke has more CCTV cameras per person than the biggest city in the US.

At least 250 CCTV cameras – one for every 625 residents – monitor daily life in Basingstoke.  New York, with a population of 8m, had an estimated 6,000 cameras in 2002 – one for every 1,333 residents.

If I’m going to be seen then I may as well look good.  I shall wear the green tie today methinks.


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Top Searches

armadillo,  coffee,  hot gossip

Huh? OK, what are yours today?


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