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Green cars

The first “green” cars that qualify for a government subsidy of up to £5000
were unveiled yesterday. The state is spending £20 million (or £43 million depending on which story you read) of our money to get electric cars on the road. The sum is paid to the vehicle buyer.

I think that electric cars are a good idea as long as the fuel cells aren’t tapping electricity generated from fossil fuels and even £43 million isn’t a lot of money for a nation. It is scarcely the price of two first class stamps per head of population. However even with a £5000 subsidy these cars are really expensive. I wonder if it would not have been better to spend the money on having these cars made in England or in in the cost of research. Surely that would net the tax payer more in the long run. Surely our money would better be spent on building a manufacturing industry in the UK or in groundbreaking science that leads to new industries rather than subsidising expensive cars.

It may be me but it seems that governments see a good idea and want to get involved but really don’t have a clue where to begin. These subsidies are a “nice to have” but they aren’t a good way of spending our money. We industry and we need innovation in this country, not payouts and bureaucracy. Where is the return on our investment?

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