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Pi Day

Today is Pi (π) Day, March 14th (3.14) and technically at 1:59pm we celebrate.

As arbitrary celebration days go I like this one a lot.  Not only is it geeky but it is just as irrational as Christmas, Easter and all those other arbitrary days that we all choose to celebrate on a regular, yet arbitrary, basis.  It is also a day of transcendental reflection as it’s a transcendental number. 

It is also Einstein’s birthday.

How shall I spend my Pi (π) day?

Eating pie, of course, and making up a Pi-Ku.

How I wish I could,
Calculate Pi around round,
And never finished.


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Shadow – A drabble by hoverFrog

The shadow looked up at the man and felt pity.  “So solid, he’s barely able to change his shape at all.”

The shadow looked up at the man and felt jealousy.  “He can stand in the light and it doesn’t hurt  him.  I’m trapped in his wake.  I’m forced to leap about to where he blocks the light.”

The shadow looked up at the man and felt love.  “He protects me from the light.”

At night the shadow whispered to other shadows and told them of its discoveries.  The shadow of the Earth thought them such small and foolish creatures.


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Drabble Rules: The One Hundred Word Variant


Drabble is played sitting around a fire, while sipping brandy and partaking of pleasant conversation with friends. The first person to finish a novel wins.

A Doubtful History

The first game of Drabble, a name coined in a ‘Monty Python’ sketch, was played at the beginning of the last century. The winner was Mary Shelley with ‘Frankenstein’ and Polidori, who didn’t actually finish during that stormy weekend, came second with ‘The Vampyre.’

The Rules

‘One hundred words’ must be EXACTLY one hundred words: not a syllable more, not a letter less. In addition, up to fifteen words (title, sub-titles and the like) are allowed. Hyphenated-words-are-argued-about.

The End


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