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It’s time….

…for something a little more serious than my previous post.


You need sound.  All chaps should see this.  Why they don’t teach this stuff at school I just don’t understand.  I mean they taught us how to hit a nail on the head and how to draw a straight line.  This is much more important.


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Thursday Thirteen

Tracey suggested 13 childhood memories but I’ve had several attempts at this and it just comes across like I’m a whinging git.  Plus I had real trouble remembering 13 things.  So I’m going to leave it for a while.Mas suggested a lot of things:

  • 13 things (that mean something) on your desk, (shelves or noticeboard/pinboard/wall/bag) ? (oh, that’s similar to the 13 things in the room you’re in which was suggested. Hmm)
  • 13 decisions that changed your life?
  • If money was no object, 13 places you would rather live.
  • 13 things that keep you going when the world’s against you.
  • 13 (bad) things that the world always seems to throw at you.
  • 13 truths you’ve learned.
  • 13 secrets you’ve not told.
  • 13 of the best gifts ever given or received by you.
  • 13 people you would bring back from the dead and meet if that was something that could be done.
  • 13 food or drink items we might not expect you to like, but you do.
  • 13 hours in one day.
  • 13 mistakes you regret and
  • 13 mistakes you do not (regret)The first has sort of been done already and the second is very tricky for me because I’m in a philosophical mood and surely every decision made (or not) changes your life in some way.

    Anyway I’ve settled on “If money was no object, 13 places you would rather live. ”

    These aren’t in order.

    1. The moon.
    2. In a castle on a cloud.
    3. Next door to Michelle.
    4. Not too far from Chloe.
    5. In Cardiff.
    6. In London near all the London bloggers.
    7. Under the sea in a glass (or at least transparent) house.
    8. Very high up on a glacier in Switzerland.
    9. The North pole.
    10. The lowest point of the grand canyon.
    11. Canada.
    12. A fantasy world populated with dragons, unicorns and creatures out of legend.
    13. Right where I live now.
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