Problem editing XPages in Designer

So I’ve gone back to XPages after being particularly swamped at work for several months and having not really touched it. I’ve gone to edit an XPage with a lot of custom controls on the form (at least 20, I think) that I didn’t design. I cannot even open the XPage without Designer crashing.

Obviously this is very frustrating but Google is my friend. After several hours of searching (and possible getting distracted by kittens or Doctor Who) I finally found a fix, I hope.

From John Jardin

Do the following:

1. Open one of your Custom Controls in Designer, and in the Properties Tab, navigate to the “Design Definition” Tab.

2. Add the following Code to the empty Box in this Tab. (All this does is create a div, style it, and add some text inside the Div)

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp=”;
<xp:div style=”background-color:blue; color:white; padding:3px;”>Some identifying Text</xp:div>

3. Save and Close your Custom Control.

4. Open your XPage where the Custom Control exists. If you haven’t added a Custom Control yet, create an XPage and do so.

You’ll see that instead of your Design Elements appearing in the XPage as it would look in the Custom Control, you now have a Blue Box with white Text inside it. If you double click in the Blue Box, you’ll be taken to your Custom Control, where you can view the original Design.

Not only does this keep your XPage tidy when it contains multiple Custom Controls, but it also stops the XPage from having to load all the Design Controls in your Custom Control for viewing in your XPage, which dramatically increases the speed of opening your XPage in Domino Designer.

So now I’m going through 50 or so custom controls and adding this code into the Design Definition. Hopefully it’ll all work out.


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2 responses to “Problem editing XPages in Designer

  1. Thanks for the link back to my post. I’ve been using Design Definitions extensively and it’s really helped with performance. My Designer had a bad case of crashing before doing this.

    Let me know if you get any funnies.


  2. have just replied to your comments (sorry for delay) and dropped a little email to your NTL account.

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