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Pants on Fire

Arrgh! my hatred of estate agents continues to grow.  Soon it will grow so large as to block out the sun.

The latest debacle is as follows:

The current owners of the house (Mr Fed Up With Hafalax) that will become le château de grenouille if I get my way have found another buyer for their place.  Someone unrelated to the estate agency has made an offer.  This means that Lying Liars are all set to lose a significant commission if Third Party Man and his Wife buy the house.

I have had several offers for my house but all below what I am willing to let it go for.  I also have three more viewings at the weekend.  I’m taking this as a positive sign that someone might want to buy it.  However the Lying Liars are now coming up with all sorts of bollocks to try to get me to agree to accept a lower offer.  This will ensure that I get to buy le château de grenouille and they get two big lots of commission.  The only people who lose out are the sellers.  i.e. Me and Mr Fed Up With Hafalax. Their customers.

I’m so sick of the whole thing that I’m considering staying where I am and getting an extension built instead. 

Why can’t estate agents realise that they can simply tell the truth.  I won’t hold it against them if they tell me that they want to make a profit.  They’re in business to make a profit.  I’m clever enough to understand that.  It’s the lies and twisted half truths that get to me.

Lets have a bit of honesty for a change.

I was going to write about the Rodents of Unusual Size that I saw at the train station this morning.  I suppose that will have to wait until tomorrow now.  Ho hum.


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