Daily Archives: 2 June 2007


There’s this thing I’m doing for the kids at the moment.  A foodie thing.

Essentially I am trying to show the kids that there is more to the palate than burgers or sandwiches.  Quite how they’ve fallen into this escapes me but I suspect that I am at least partially to blame.

For the past five weeks I’ve cooked a Sunday meal from a different country of origin. 

Last week we ate Foo Yung, Egg Fried Rice, Stir Fried mixed vegetables and mushroom chow mein.  The week before we ate something vaguely Italian that I threw together.  We’ve had a traditional Sunday roast (sans dead animal) and a home made vegetable curry.

This week the kids want to try Japanese food.  I’m stumped though.  Other than buying some sushi from Waitrose for them to try I haven’t a clue what they can eat.  I’d prefer something vegetarian so The Hildy and I can eat it but I really don’t know much about Japanese cuisine.

Help me.  Please.


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