Smug Mode

I’ve just been told that people need a dictionary to understand what I say.

If I could possibly be described as insufferable smug before this statement, it is doubly so now.  I am a genius compared to the people that I share an office with.  Mine is an evil laugh.

An alternate theory is that compared to the people that I share an office with a retarded chipmunk would be considered a genius.

I’m going for the former but I strongly suspect the latter.


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10 responses to “Smug Mode

  1. M

    “Smug” is just a smiling mug; not to rain on your parade though. I _know_ you have an extensive vocabulary and aren’t afraid to wrestle words and meanings in such a way that a lesser being is left scratching their head… or where-ever it is they keep their brains.

    Oh. I don’t think we are “allowed” to say retarded anymore. I think we have to say “mentally deficient (or disadvantaged)” – not that that sounds any better really though.


  2. Either way I’m smarter than a mentally deficient chipmunk.

    Ha ha, mine is an evil laugh.

  3. eppy

    Of course it could be that you talk a load of unintelligable crap.

  4. Eppy, that may also be the case.

  5. Just watch that management speak, once you start on that slippery slope you are soon on your way to retarded chipmunk status. 🙂

  6. Oh dear, soon I could be using phrases like “blue skying” and “leveraging our synergies”. I’d better source this to someone else and get a pointy haired haircut.

  7. Don’t forget to tie a really big knot in your tie too.

  8. M

    Just don’t forget to align the paradigm and extrapolate the knowledge base to harmonize the resonating audience influence and the effects of the committee-driven focus group input with the expected normalised figures.

  9. ‘… insufferable smug …’?

    *sashays away, smugly*

  10. Rich, big knot. Got it.

    Mas, eek. Too much.

    Katja, I left that in just for you. It was a deliberate mistake.

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