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Visit to the Bright Town

On Thursday I have to go and work in Brighton…actually 15 miles away in Uckfield but no-one has ever heard of Uckfield so I’m going to say Brighton.  I’m getting the train to Brighton anyway and then a taxi to Uckfield.

Funny things about Uckfield:

  • Uck rhymes with duck and fuck.
  • It really is a field.
  • Tiny Tasha reminded me to take my welly boots if I was going to Uckfield because it might be muddy.

Currently I don’t know when the meeting starts or what time I’m going to finish but I fully intend to give the lovely Chloe a cuddle while I’m there.  I haven’t seen her for ages and I’m really hoping that she’ll spare me a hug or two.  People just don’t hug often enough.

If she’s busy on Thursday then I may just make a placard and follow in the footsteps of Juan Mann and damn the law.

Anyone want to meet me for a hug?


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Bloody Hell

I am uncertain as to the cause of my current ailment.  It is possible that the recent assault suffered by my head may be responsible, it may be the significant amounts of caffeine that I have recently been enjoying, or it may be that work is finally beginning to cause me some small amount of stress.

Whatever the cause though I seem to be suffering from excessive loss of vital blood reserves through my nasal cavities.  A most unpleasant occurrence I think you will concur.

As a humble youth, barely out of my tadpole training tail, I suffered from regular nosebleeds.  It wasn’t until I reached the grand old age of 18 years that they stopped.   This coincided with the first time I gave blood and I often wondered if there was some link between the two.  I last gave blood before Christmas so I’m not due till the end of March or beginning of April. 

Maybe I should just keep my finger out of my nose?

Curiously I was always advised to lean forward and pinch the bridge of my nose rather than lean back.  The explanation for this was that swallowing copious amounts of blood can cause the gag reflex and there is already enough mess to clear up from a nose bleed without adding vomit with the consistency of strawberry jam to the equation.

Now that I’ve revolted you please leave a comment.  Be kind.  You may have noticed that I am a particularly fragile flower of a man today.  Only in a good way.


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Quotes from beyond the grave

I’ve just got a quote for upgrading our accounting software from Gregory Peck.  What does it say about me that I am unreasonably thrilled at this?


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Does a clean house indicate that there is a broken computer in it?

My laptop died on the train today.

It just froze and wouldn’t respond.  When I restarted it I got a blue screen of death and then nothing.  Just disk error, replace disk and restart.  It’s kaput. 

Obviously I didn’t have a backup to my completed TMA.  That would make sense.

Ho hum.  Time to start again.  That is assuming I can’t get it going at work tomorrow.


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There is a gang of bored chavs who hang around in the car park of the local Aldi.  Their favourite activity is to yell abuse at passers by.  I consider them an irritant and wonder why they don’t spend their time doing something a bit more constructive.

Anyway, I went out to a birthday drink yesterday after work and was on my way from saud drink to the train station at about 9:30 when the rowdy gang started yelling at this bloke in front of me from across the road and then me as I passed.  Not to be outdone I decided that I would join in the fun game and return their abuse with a few choice hand signals.  There is something about these people that annoys me.  Only in a gang of a half dozen or more are they able to get away with what is essentially anti-social behaviour.

I passed the group and was 100 yards down the road when I was suddenly jumped on from behind and punched and kicked.  I remember sinking my teeth into the leg of one of my attackers and hearing him yell in pain.  The whole thing was probably over in a few seconds because the police arrived and the gang ran off.  The police called an ambulance and they insisted I go to hospital to get checked out.  Probably because my memories of the actual attack are so sparse and the injuries are mainly about my head.  I couldn’t identify my attackers because I didn’t really pay much attention to them.  If I’d known they were going to jump me I’d have commited their faces to memory, but I didn’t.  Instead of getting home safely at 10pm I finally got home at 2am.  Poor Hildy was very worried.

I am left with minor injuries: a few cuts and bruises, two black eyes, some aching ribs, a foot print on my side, and a very swollen nose.  I’m also very angry.  It has taken me back to my school days in Reading where I would be jumped and attacked on a regular basis for no reason at all.  I always fought back but I never really won.  It isn’t a fight when you have six to one odds, it’s a kicking.  And that’s what I got on Friday.



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Absolutely nothing to say

I know.  New blog.  I’ve got the whole OU study theme going.  Still, nothing to say. 

See all, hear all, say nowtI’ve not touched my course materials due to the level of work that I have at work (obviously), I’ve barely blogged (sorry) and the kids think I’ve left home and just pop in to wake them up in the mornings.

Still, I’ve nowt to say.

Oh. Wait!

I do have one thing.

My new project at work uses a gingerbread man army as the icon for the field force database and a green eye for main product database.  It’s only a handful of people who see this so it can be anything.  The complaints database has a Klingon Battle Cruiser as the icon.  I know.  Nerd.

What shall I use for the client database?  What about when I put the two web systems in place?

That’s three icons.  Suggestions please. 32 by 32 pixels in 16 colours.


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