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Banking: FAIL

Apparently a second lender, Bradford & Bingley, are to be nationalisedBanking FAIL

What fun.  What can we learn from this second fiasco?  Lending with few checks to verify identity or income is a high risk form of lending.  High risk lending has more chance of failure than lending only what you are likely to get back.  The returns may be lower and the shareholders and executives might get smaller bonuses but the company has less of a chance to FAIL when things go wrong.

It’s OK though.  The banking insurance scheme will bail out B & B and our taxes will shore up the bank for the next five years until (if?) the other banks can repay the loans to take over B & B.  We don’t live in a vacuum and this money has to come from somewhere.  Do you think that it is more likely that the money will come from customers and tax payers or from wealthy executives?

That raises a question for me.  What would happen if, rather than bail out these lenders, the government allowed capitalism to take it’s course and the businesses to fail?  How much would we suffer as a result compared to shoring up the failing industry?  I’m asking because I don’t know.

I wonder how many people are feeling this today?



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No Pressure

No pressure


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Motivational Posters

I’m getting seriously addicted to this site.  It lets me create images of mild amusement in next to no time at all.  Images like this:


or this:



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Atheist Competition

Hemant is running another competition.

Create a motivational poster for atheists!

Here is the website that allows you to do it. Send your final products to email.JPG.

He’s specifically asked for positive posters so none of that slating religious people malarkey.

Here are my attempts.





Alan Cumming

It’s just a bit of fun and if any (sorry either) of the people who read this want to join in then the more the merrier.


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Time waster

Some of my time wasting has produced the following masterpieces:

The Isle of Wight

Fail digger

Red Sea



Duct Tape Bandit

Thanks to Hemant for this.


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