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Can I go home and sleep for the rest of the day please?


This post isn’t just an excuse to pun “tire” with “tyre”, I’m genuinely tired and in need of sleep.

I’m not in the mood to be at work.  I’d rather go swimming or a thousand other things that are more interesting than office politics and bad tempered staff bitching about each other.

So, I ask again, can I just go home and leave them to it?


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Little Al come downstairs last night in his jammies, hands and face covered in blood.  He’d been trying to pull a loose tooth out but it looked like he’d been drinking the blood of his victims.

I would think having a vampire for a son would be cool.  I mean apart from the sleeping all day and staying up all night thing.


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Atheist Competition Result

In the atheist poster competition that I mentioned last week I won third place.  I’ve won a handy Friendly Atheist wristband (in banana yellow) that looks like this:

This was my third place entry with the pretty puddy cat on.

There is another competition and I’ve put my own feeble attempts in.  I don’t expect to win this time but you never know.  I might get a band for the other arm.


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Nom nom nom

I’ve been playing with some recipes on Vegbox recently. I’ve discovered many delicious things to eat with some very simple ingredients.  Yesterday I tried the Spring Pasta figuring that it would be both filling and healthy.

Be warned though for these ingredients lurk, hidden innocuously, waiting to pounce.

150ml double cream
100g Blue cheese (optional)

Of course I had to try it and coincidentally I happened to have some double cream and stilton in my fridge…after I went to the shops to buy them.  I cooked the pasta and veg and nibbled a few raw ingredients and when it was draining in the colander I carefully followed instruction number 6.

Drain the pasta and veggies in a colander. Meanwhile, use the hot pan to warm through the cream and melt the cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste

Double cream and stilton is flipping delicious as a cream sauce.  It’s seriously lovely.  I’m going to use it for other recipes and damn the arteries.


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No Pressure

No pressure


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Pot Noodle

I realise that this is a strange parody and a piss take at the shallowness of the male gender but there is something about it that I find slightly disturbing.

Can anyone tell me what it is because I’m stuck on the vague feeling of unease and I can’t quite pin it down to one thing.


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I read in the Sunday papers yesterday that 53% of parents wanted a 9pm curfew to be imposed by law on children.  I have only one thing to say about this.  If you want your children to come home by 9pm then you need to impose that restriction yourself and not expect the rest of society to manage and raise your children for you. 

If you raise a curfew for selected parts of society in law then it can be applied to other parts of society in other ways.  Let’s say that the government take a dislike to teenage drinkers.  It’s reasonable, you might say, to restrict the drinking of alcohol to those able to drink responsibly (i.e. not while wearing a cowboy outfit) and so impose a curfew on under 21s on Friday and Saturday.  Let’s suggest that most crimes are committed after 9pm by white males from low income households.  Imposing a curfew on white males wearing baseball caps might seem like an effective barrier to crime.

It’s not though, it’s a restriction on our civil freedoms.  As long as it is imposed on others most people would let it slide but when it gets applied to you how will you feel?  What happens if you got stopped on the way home after working late and charged with breaking a curfew because you happen to fall into a group who matches a certain band?  This could be gender, age or skin colour.  It could be the type of car you drive, the length of your hair, the cut of your gib, anything that can be justified by law officers.  How do you punish these people?  Shouldn’t the police be, oh I don’t know, investigating or preventing crimes or something rather than wasting time sending children home to mummy.

If we want to stop living in a nanny state who wants to set everyone’s bed time for them then we have to take responsibility for ourselves.  I’m sick and tired of people demanding government solutions to social problems.  Government should set the environment for people to flourish not restrict people so they can only act in one way.  We don’t want a society of drones, we want people.  That means ensuring that our children are provided with the parameters needed to be members of society rather than wanting to stay outside of it.


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Dr. Horrible

This week


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Motivational Posters

I’m getting seriously addicted to this site.  It lets me create images of mild amusement in next to no time at all.  Images like this:


or this:



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Atheist Competition

Hemant is running another competition.

Create a motivational poster for atheists!

Here is the website that allows you to do it. Send your final products to email.JPG.

He’s specifically asked for positive posters so none of that slating religious people malarkey.

Here are my attempts.





Alan Cumming

It’s just a bit of fun and if any (sorry either) of the people who read this want to join in then the more the merrier.


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