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Rodents of Unusual Size

Some of you may be aware of my liking of rats as pets.  If not let me summarise.

Rats are the greatest pets that a human being could ever ask for.

Wild rats are a slightly different matter though.  They simply don’t have the same manners as a fancy rat.  No sir, no manners at all.  In fact the wild rat is a bit of a country bumpkin compared to the sophisticated metropolitan rat.  However, what they lack in culture they more than make up for in size.

The rats of Fareham Train Station are some of the largest rodents that I have ever seen.  They are bigger than The Giant Rat of Sumatra and are certainly the inspiration for James Herbert’s The Rats.  I have been trying to obtain a photograph of these enormous beasts but they seem to have noticed my interest and are currently being quite elusive.

I’m afraid an artist’s impression will have to suffice.

Rat in a Field

If you see one of these rodents please do not approach them.  They are very shy.


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Smug Mode

I’ve just been told that people need a dictionary to understand what I say.

If I could possibly be described as insufferable smug before this statement, it is doubly so now.  I am a genius compared to the people that I share an office with.  Mine is an evil laugh.

An alternate theory is that compared to the people that I share an office with a retarded chipmunk would be considered a genius.

I’m going for the former but I strongly suspect the latter.


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