Drabble Rules: The One Hundred Word Variant


Drabble is played sitting around a fire, while sipping brandy and partaking of pleasant conversation with friends. The first person to finish a novel wins.

A Doubtful History

The first game of Drabble, a name coined in a ‘Monty Python’ sketch, was played at the beginning of the last century. The winner was Mary Shelley with ‘Frankenstein’ and Polidori, who didn’t actually finish during that stormy weekend, came second with ‘The Vampyre.’

The Rules

‘One hundred words’ must be EXACTLY one hundred words: not a syllable more, not a letter less. In addition, up to fifteen words (title, sub-titles and the like) are allowed. Hyphenated-words-are-argued-about.

The End


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11 responses to “Drabble

  1. What ARE you talking about? This is too much for first thing int’morning!

  2. Mister hoverFrog threw his arms up in disgust.

    “Gah! You people.” he cried in exasperation. “It’s very clear. Write a story of 100 words exactly. This is known as a drabble. Not a dribble.”

    The man took a moment to look up the meaning of ‘dribble’.

    “A dribble is but 50 words,” he read, “half a drabble in effect.”

    Now he had become distracted. He often became immersed in some trivial piece of information. “150 words: ‘drabble-and-a-half’ or ‘sesquidrabble’”, he was reading out loud, “200 words: ‘double-drabble’ or ‘droubble’, 300 words: ‘triple-drabble’ or ‘trabble’”

    “I would hope that explains everything?”

  3. tam

    So you want us to write a Drabble here that is exactly 100 words? About anything?

  4. Ed

    My writing is a lot more like “dribble” than Drabble. 🙂

    I have a hard enough time thinking of three sentences to write let alone 100 words. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein could write a better story than me.

    Of course when I was back in grade school I did spend a lot of time writing sentences on the blackboard. :).

    I could just write one long sentence using different complimentary words to describe the Magnificent, Wondrous, Genius Hoverfrog. I assume the story can be a fictional one. 🙂

  5. tam

    Geeze Ed – you were only 16 words short of a whole Drabble there “D

  6. tam

    I’m working on mine Hov 😉

  7. Ed

    Is it cheating to just write 97 words than add “to be continued”. 🙂

  8. Ed

    I am a wonderful person. I am a very manly man. I can sing like an angel. I am so handsome pretty women swoon at my feet. I am so smart scholars are amazed at my ideas. I am never wrong. I am such a good cook my friends and neighbors keep coming over for dinner. I have just lost count of how many words I wrote. I dance so well Fred Astaire asked me for dancing lessons. I am a golden god!

    I am so deluded that the insane asylum people keep chasing after me with a straight jacket.

  9. I’m struggling with the word limit, it may turn out to be a half dribble only.

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