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It’s Thursday Thirteen time again.

Thirteen Things about hoverFrog

  1. Spiders love me. I’m always finding spiders in my hair or crawling over my face or glasses.

  2. Cats hate me.  I have the “enemy of cats” gene that makes felines hostile to me.  I’m just going to run with it though because I’m not too keen on the verminous little pests either.

  3. I have a loony magnet.  I’ve no idea why I have one and I can’t get rid of it.  You know the nutter on the bus who talks to himself or the crazy lady who smells of wee that won’t leave you alone?  Well I’m their best mate.  They always want to talk to me.  The Hildy says I have a friendly face but I think she’s just laughing at me.

  4. I don’t wear shoes except to travel from one place to another.  At home or at work I am barefoot.

  5. I have really long toes.  They are literally twice the length of The Hildy’s toes.  It’s possible that she has stunted feet as a result of some awful Chinese binding practices but she claims otherwise.

  6. I like to argue.  Not that unusual really but I find myself arguing against things that I am indifferent about just to get a reaction.  I am a very bad man.

  7. I have almost no ability to match a name to a face.  Seriously.  I can bump into someone who I haven’t seen for a while and not know who they are until they tell me their name or put themselves in the proper context.

  8. I don’t like chocolate.  I’ll eat it for the sugar rush but I’d much prefer an apple or something spicy.

  9. I really hate pigeons.  Vile, verminous, disease ridden horrors.  *shudder*

  10. Rats make the best pets.  OK not that weird but for some strange reason there are people who can’t stand them.

  11. I change favourite drinks a lot.  Tea, coffee, cider, stout, beer, water, cherry aid, shandy bass.  I just can’t stick to one.

  12. I eat really fast.  About twice the speed of anyone else.  If you share a Chinese meal with me make sure I have chopsticks or I’ll finish while you’re still pouring the tea.

  13. Sometimes I forget to eat.  Probably not a bad thing considering the last point but it’s only when I feel dizzy that I remember that I last ate something on Tuesday.  I don’t do this often though as my prodigious girth will attest.

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