Riddle me this?

An old riddle that Blue Soup reminded me of:

A car stops outside a hotel.

Someone goes bankrupt.

The answer is horribly simple.


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13 responses to “Riddle me this?

  1. what if they have alot of money in the bank? I mean, a lot.

  2. Soupy, the banker could steal some money I s’pose.

    Dom, yup, done it before? Your turn.

  3. Dom

    I was going to look it up on teh tinternetwebz and then it suddenly came to me in a flash of inspiration.

    Two coins make up 30p. One of them is not a 10p coin. What coins are they?

  4. One of them is a 20p .. that’s the one that’s not the 10p!

  5. Yep, one 20p and one 10p. The 20p is not the 10p.

  6. ash

    see, and there was me thinking it had something to do with drinking and paris hilton…

    never was good at riddles.

  7. ash

    as an answer for the original riddle – http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22157708-2,00.html

    (if you think i make little sense here, just imagine living in my head.)

  8. Ash, bad news for Paris Hilton always makes me laugh.

  9. Dom

    Yup – well done to cat and hover (who obviously both watch scrubs too 😀 )

  10. Scrubs? Is that a programme on the television?


  11. snarly

    dont dish scrubs. 😛

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