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I have a theory…

…it could be bunnies.

I explained to The Hildy my theory last night.  Whenever I explain one of my carefully thought out but slightly odd theories to The Hildy she gives me that look.  You know the one?  The “I love you but you’d better not have passed on your crazy genes to the kids” look.

At least she didn’t back away in terror like she did when I explained the idea about the people who live behind the mirror and pretend to be our reflections.  She’s obviously getting used to me.

Anyway, my theory.

The working week is too short for me to get all the work done that I need to do.  The weekend is too short for me to properly relax.  This makes Mondays particularly harrowing as I’m still in “weekend mode” while I have work to do.  Obviously I’d like to work less and relax more but needs must and all that so I cannot reduce the number of days overall that I work.  A solution came to me though. 

Rather than work 5 days in every 7 why not work 7 days in every 10.  The ratio works out almost the same.  Instead of working 260 days less holiday I’d work 256 days less holiday in a year.  The advantage is that I’d have enough time to do my work and get more time off at the weekend.

The problem I can see though is what to name the other three days.  Suggestions please.


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I want to go home.

Can I?


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It’s a simple question

Here at “someone else’s lilypad” it’s all about cost.  This costs X but we only get Y back.  That’s fine, it’s a business and we’ve got to make money.  Why then is it so difficult to get a straight answer about how much something costs from the people who buy things?

Witness this exchange.

Captain Spendy: We’re spending a darn fortune on ink cartridges.  It needs to stop dammit.

Big Boss: Yes, I agree.  Mr hoverFrog, what are the alternatives?

Me: How much do we spend?  How much do we use?  There are several options but it all boils down to the capital outlay and the cost per print.  You want a decent return on the investment.

*stunned silence*

Captain Spendy:  I dunno. 

Me:  Let me know when you do.


Captain Spendy:  I’ve found a colour laser printer I like.  Here are the specs.  *makes some laser zappy sounds as I take the page from him*

Me: OK.  *glances at printout from Rip Off PC Company That We Don’t Use Anymore*  Um this works out at 59p per page of colour printing.  How does that compare with what you spend now?

Captain Spendy:  I dunno. 

Me:  Let me know when you do.

I can see this going on all day.  I may have to kill someone soon.


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An earlier Metro tells a tale of global warming out of control.  It seems that we are all doomed to toast to death as the planet heats up.  Does this change the way that you plan on living your life?  Are you going to switch off the lights when you leave a room?  How about walking to work or catching the bus instead of driving? Do you plan on recycling more than you do now?

Do you even believe that global warming is a problem?


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WHY WHY WHY can’t the yoof a today speak proper English like what I does?

Surely it’s an affectation rather than a lack of education?


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