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Toad in the Hole

Toad in the hole is simple. Cook some sausages in a dish (we use vegetarian Quorn sausages but you don’t have to.  two sausages per person is about right), mix up some batter and pour it over the sausages when they’re cooked and sliced (slice length ways in half).  Bung it in the oven for about half an hour. Serve with veggies and gravy.  It’s always best if you have a helper.  You can also drink some cheap plonk while you’re waiting for it to cook.

8 oz (400g) Plain Flour
2 oz (100g) Margarine
Pinch of salt
2 Eggs
1 Pint of milk

Whisk it all up together. It’s better if you mix the marg, eggs and dry ingredients first and add the milk slowly but I tend to must use the hand blender for speed.


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