What tosh!

Your Emoticon is Grumpy

Maybe you’re having a bad day… or maybe something just upset you. Either way, you’re definitely seeing red!

What Emoticon Best Represents You Right Now?


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11 responses to “What tosh!

  1. Dom

    Apparently mine is cool, where I am quite blatently grumpy 😀

  2. Ed

    #-o I barrowed it from the FC page and hope it works here. That’s the best icon I have found to describe someone who needs more caffeine in his system to figure out good lines for Tam’s “Fillin Friday” and Hoverfrog’s Drabble challenge. The icon doesn’t really look confused enough. 🙂

  3. Ed

    According to the Blogsthing site may icon is laughing. This is only true when I try to make sense of what I have written.

  4. tam

    This would be…hope it works


  5. Woo hoo, I have a smiley emoticon.

    “Right now, you’re feeling cheerful and content – without a care in the world.”

    (I never thought that the Earls Court Holiday Inn Express could have such an effect on a person!)

  6. Hope this works… :b Grinning from ear to ear…I’ll never tell tho….

  7. Dang…big grin emoticon…

  8. Hi Hov, for some reason I can’t get over to FC, he must be working on something…as soon as I can I’ll pick up where I left off….oh joy!!! 😉

  9. I was never in a grump. The thing was wrong about the thing. I’m a happy chappy.

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