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Sad face


We were late getting the kids to school this morning.  The darned buses are supposed to be every 10 minutes.  After waiting for nearly 40 minutes I gave up and started walking* only to see three drive by.  The drivers were all giggling and hopping up and down in their seats like demented rabbits who’d played a really funny joke on someone.  Gits.

I think they have special training.

Once we’d started walking we were committed to a full pelt, kid dragging, stride.  The Hildy and I both ranted at the kids to keep up.  Sadly one comment at Snarly made her very sad.  Now I’m riddled with guilt at making my first born cry.  I forget how intense and vital everything is when you’re 12.  Even a minor threat to your security is a terrible trauma and things that you thought were stable suddenly seem to be hanging over a precipice.

Well, bugger that for a game of tin soldiers, we’ll just have to leave earlier.  No more harsh comments either.  I want to see this face more often.

so less of this:

Oh and I accidentally let the rabbit escape this morning.


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