What’s got a hazelnut in every bite?

As fascinating as my continuing rants against estate agents and solicitors are I think this blog could probably do with a topic or two. 

I hereby invite you to suggest something.  Ask me a question please.


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18 responses to “What’s got a hazelnut in every bite?

  1. concertmaster

    Ok then…. In the best tradition of of Saturday morning kid’s tv show ‘question the celbrity’-type slots…

    Q. If you had to be trapped in a lift with anyone, who would it be and why?

  2. OK, wherever possible I prefer to take the stairs. Usually it is faster and you don’t have to be wedged in with lots of human beans. There are actually people who have no concept of personal space or personal hygiene. However if forced to get in a lift with only one other person I’d quite like it to be The Hildy. I’m sure that we could find some way to pass the time together and she is the only person I know who could stop me trying to climb the lift cables to freedom.

    I know it’s sappy that I’ve picked my long term girlfriend and mother of my children as my “stuck in the lift” partner but that’s just the kinda guy I are. What about you?

  3. floatykatja

    WHAT is your name?
    WHAT is your quest?
    WHAT is the average air-speed of an unladen swallow?

    OK, here’s a proper question for you, rather than all this Pythonesque tomfoolery: what is it in lilies that makes them so deadly poisonous to cats? Is it the same thing that makes them smell so suffocatingly strong?

  4. Cats, being similar to demonic imps in many ways, lack an enzyme that breaks down the natural goodness that all lilies have. The concentrated goodness also keeps burglars and other nefarious types away from property. The smell may seem suffocating and you will certainly notice this more when you have been performing less savoury acts such as witchcraft or throwing darts at dogs. You might notice a clenching sensation in your bowels when eating lilies as the goodness initially attacks the kidneys. The kidneys, as you know, are where evil is filtered out of the body.

    Atheists can also be killed by lilies but only when we’ve been eating babies.

  5. Dom

    A hazelnut has hazelnut in every bite. My question is: Why do we need to think up questions. I came here to be entertained. Entertain me dammit! 😀

  6. Sorry, I’ve got squirrels and natural acts stuck in my head….


    Q: What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

    (oh and 18/3 is mine too!)

  7. floatykatja

    You are a clever frog, indeed. I shall have to lay off the spells and dart-throwing until the lilies have breathed their last, as the smell is working its insidious way into my lungs and choking the life out of me at the moment.

    Using a mixture of flame-haired witchy logic and wilful twisting of your words, I have deduced that you, Hoverfrog, are, in fact, a cat, as you can also be vanquished by lilies.


  8. Dom, I was actually after a topic for my next blog but unclear instructions on my part have turned this into a question and answer session. I feel like an MP at a hustings.

    Fellow frog, 54. An unusual coincidence about the date though.

    Kat person, does this mean that I get to be your familiar? Can I join you in floating about on your witchy transportation device?

  9. godsgalchild

    Question: Darla got a meme and I didn’t?????? I’m crushed!

  10. GG, join in the meme, it’s just down there *points*. Help yourself.

  11. Soupy, too easy. Why not?

  12. Wherever you like, whenever you like and with whomsoever you choose because that’s just the way things should be.


  13. Did you design this theme by yourself? Did you create the images?

    I think I’m gonna borrow this blog idea some day soon!

  14. Bill, it’s a free WordPress layout. I can’t tale any credit for it.

  15. why did the chicken cross the road? And why do people care?

  16. The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side although I’m not sure that you can really apply reason to a chicken in the same way that you can to human actions. People really don’t care unless it impacts on them directly.

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