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Bog roll

Cataclismical, that paragon of virtue, has blogged about Cleanliness (which we all know is between Godliness and Good Enunciation) and I wanted to share something with you to demonstrate just how obsessive I can be.

I am the only chap in the office who changes the empty loo roll cardboardy inner thing for a new loo roll.  That isn’t the worst about me though.  If, by some chance, the loo roll has been changed by the cleaner and it is facing the wrong way, I have to turn it round.  The paper has to hang down away from the wall.

    ||        __
W ||       /      \
A  ||==|          |
L  ||       \__  / |
L  ||                |
    ||               |   <=== This side.  Very important.
    ||               |

I do this at home as well.

I don’t know what happens in the ladies though.  It is another place where I dare not tread.

Now, please pass on one of your own foibles so that I may be amused by it.  If you don’t have a foible that you wish to share I’d quite like a peccadillo instead.


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