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One thing that I was doing at the weekend that I have failed to mention is the discussion I had regarding the concept of Karma.  The Hildy, in all her beauty, intellect and wisdom, really likes the idea of karma whereas I preferred to think about it as more of that nonsense superstition that people put too much faith in.

As our discussion and various clarifications came about we discovered that we had different ideas of what karma actually meant.  I had always thought of karma from the western ideology that when a good or bad deed is performed it is returned to you in a different form.  i.e. You buy a street sleeper a cup of tea and a sandwich and your library fines get waived.  I’d always looked upon this as being exceptionally mercenary and selfish.  A person should not perform good or helpful deeds in order to be rewarded or even in expectation of being rewarded.  Altruism should be it’s own reward.  This is much the same issue I have with the idea of heaven but we’re talking about karma here and nothing else.

The Hildy prefers the eastern idea of karma understood to denoting the entire cycle of cause and effect whereby a good (or bad) deed is not necessarily returned to the person who performed it but is added to a cumulative total that is somehow then returned to everyone in some way.  Now this actually makes sense to me.  It’s like the idea of performing a random act of kindness that then begets kindness from others simply because they have been on the receiving end of it.  i.e. you pay for someone’s parking and this puts them in a good so they buy cakes for their work colleagues.  They in turn do something nice for someone else, etc, etc.  You may never be rewarded for your initial kindness but the whole world benefits in some small way.  This, to me, is not something mystical and involves no superstition at all.  It is simply human psychology at work.

Within that in mind I’m going to try to do something kind (beyond not hitting people who annoy me), I’m not sure that so I need your help to suggest something.  What random acts of kindness have you performed or suggest that I perform?


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Eventful weekend (possible a little graphic for those with delicate dispositions)

So, good weekend everyone?

I had a day off on Friday to do some work for my own company.  A simple installation of Quickbooks and roll out over two users.  What a palaver!  I blame fact that an expected one hour job went on for three hours on Windows Fecking Vista.  Control Panel?  Where is the damn thing?  Oh there it is.  WTF!  Networking?  Oh I have nineteen different options to choose from.  TCP/IP?  Two flavours.  I hate it and heartily recommend to the whole world that they either stick with XP, wait for the new version of Windows to come out in a few years or use Linux.

Anyway, popping out for an hour on my day off turned out to last until lunchtime.  When I got home the kids had managed to trash the entire house.  I dread the day that they start drinking alcohol if this is the kind of mess they can make when they’re sober.  We spent the rest of the day making everything right and tidy again.

I also had a rant at the estate agent and, to give them their due, they rang up all the solicitors involved in the sale of my house and the purchase of le château de grenouille.  By 2pm I had an estimate for completion of the sale and purchase and the solicitor had updated their tracking web site for the first time in a month.  Estate Agent: One, Solicitor: nil.  It looks like we’ll be moving on the 31st August, exactly one month after we told them that we wanted to move by.

Only two phone calls from work so it was quite a good day off all round.

Saturday was spent in a more sedate manner with The Hildy and I spending some quality time together keeping our relationship vibrant. 😉  The kids had to fend for themselves which is why the house was again wrecked when we emerged from the bedroom at lunchtime.  Much directing ensued and the place was soon spic and span all over again despite accusations of child slavery from Snarly Beth.

We decided on a pub lunch rather than mess up the shiny kitchen surfaces so departed in a northerly direction to said eating and drinking establishment.  Scarcely two minutes down the road we witnessed a robbery and getaway in progress.  A hairdressers had been robbed and the owner was trying to stop the robber (a young blonde woman and her two grubby children) from escaping in their land rover.  I tried to open the door to no avail and phoned the police with the licence number and description.  Typically of the local constabulary they arrived mere moments after the villains had escaped.  We gave our statements and the excited kids immediately wanted to ring all their friends to tell them the news.

It’s sad to see people taking their kids to work with them. 

After an enjoyable lunch with suitable mirth and frivolity we did a little shopping and went home.

Top tip: When condom shopping always have one partner take the kids to the newsagent while the other pops into the chemist for some “medicine”.

Sunday was less eventful that the previous day as it features exactly zero robberies or high speed car chases but I did get all the ironing done and the laundry monster was beaten into temporary submission.  In the afternoon we had the usual visit from The Hildy’s olds and big sister and, of course, baby Sean.  Baby Sean is now five whole years old and a strapping brute to boot but even when he reaches the precipitous heights of his father (6’6″) he will still be Baby Sean.  It’s just one of those things that families do.

As usual I retreated to the kitchen before they left to prepare dinner and I enlisted Tiny Tasha’s aid.  She chops carrots and makes gravy like an expert.  I may also have started a bottle of Valpolichella by accident.  Well, it gives some extra flavour to the gravy.  I can’t leave an open bottle either.

We also got to watch X-Factor which I’m afraid I still can’t stand.

Now that I’ve bored you with my weekend’s activities please reciprocate.


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