Bog roll

Cataclismical, that paragon of virtue, has blogged about Cleanliness (which we all know is between Godliness and Good Enunciation) and I wanted to share something with you to demonstrate just how obsessive I can be.

I am the only chap in the office who changes the empty loo roll cardboardy inner thing for a new loo roll.  That isn’t the worst about me though.  If, by some chance, the loo roll has been changed by the cleaner and it is facing the wrong way, I have to turn it round.  The paper has to hang down away from the wall.

    ||        __
W ||       /      \
A  ||==|          |
L  ||       \__  / |
L  ||                |
    ||               |   <=== This side.  Very important.
    ||               |

I do this at home as well.

I don’t know what happens in the ladies though.  It is another place where I dare not tread.

Now, please pass on one of your own foibles so that I may be amused by it.  If you don’t have a foible that you wish to share I’d quite like a peccadillo instead.


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21 responses to “Bog roll

  1. But well done for being so … anal? lol

  2. M

    I used to not care either way; now I know you are right Mr Frog.

    Is a peccadilo a cross between a bird and an armadillo?

  3. Cat, *fnnar fnnar”.

    Mas, I am right. It’s important that everybody knows that. You’re thinking of Big Bird’s friend the Snuffleupagus I think. A peccadillo is something quite different.

    What’s this, no foible or peccadillo left behind by my entire readership (both of you). Tish and pish! Gadzooks malarkey!

  4. i really really hate it that the Boy leaves all his cables and wires and controllers everywhere. so much so that now i just put them away where he can’t find them.

  5. Ok, if you insist .. one of my foibles is full toilet rolls ON the holder .. not the floor .. obviously!; the rest I am trying to work out with my therapist!

  6. I thought that everyone did that? I mean, I understood taht it is a bit of a toilet faux pas to put it the other way around so that the paper is hanging back by the wall – it means you have to scrabble about up the wall to get hold of it. Think it is a sign of class or some other shit like that (no pun intended) .

  7. floatykatja

    I don’t just change the loo roll to hang the right way at work and at home – I do it in friend’s houses too. I really can’t stand it.

    Other little pecadilloes: I have to stack the dishwasher from front to back, standing to the right hand side of it while I do so.

    I have to clear the kitchen surfaces before I go to bed or I will have a dreadful day the next day.

    I have to air my bed in the morning and then make it properly. The Architect used to drive me mad, as he would either just pull the covers straight up when he got out of bed or leave it unmade all day. Horrible.

  8. M

    Back in the days of VHS, I had to go into WHSmiths and arrange all the Star Trek and Deep Space 9 videos so that the pictures appeared on the spine as they should

  9. M

    (oh, and had to in a – I made a journey to the store everyday to undo the resorting their staff had done)

  10. Dom

    My books are in height order. I’m actually going to replace some series as half of them are in paperback and half in hard back and that annoys me (one or t’other, otherwise is messes with the height thing).

    They’re currently hidden away so I’ve managed to avoid doing this, but CD’s get put away in alphabetical order (by band name) and then by year of release for albums.

    I need to line things up. (although you’ve probably guessed that by now)

    I hate using a wet toothbrush. I have 2 (morning and evening) as a toothbrush wont dry enough in 12 hours (seriously, don’t ask).

    I have to clean out the hair from hairbrushes. I have been known to spend 6 hours doing this on friends hair brushes (I even remove the fluff from each bristle).

    I’ll stop there before I portray myself as a total freak.

  11. Jellious, that’s just cruel.

    Cat, therapist? Crumbs.

    Soupous, quite. Simply good manners.

    Katja, these things sound perfectly natural to me. At least you don’t try to make the bed while someone else is in it like The Hildy does.

    Mas, again, arranging DVDs of series into the proper order is perfectly normal. Surely we’ve all done that? Do you resort books at the library into alphabetical order as well. I don’t have to do this but sometimes I like to.

    Dom, I agree about the books. A series should be all in hardback or all in paperback. There should be no mixing and matching. I’m not so sure about DVDs though. Records, yes, DVDs are more fluid somehow. My toothbrush has to be wet. Wet before the toothpaste goes on and wet after. I also have to brush my teeth before my daily ablutions and after.

    The hairbrush thing was one step too far though. Throw it away and buy them a new one.

  12. Hey Hov. Do me a favor and go to yesterday FC blog and offer up a comment on Bens entry…..yes I’m serious! Thanks! 😉

  13. GG, although Ben’s comments are less restrained that my own I’m afraid that I don’t find myself disagreeing with them. I did leave a very long comment though but it seems to have disappeared.

  14. godsgalchild

    I realize that, but I guess you have more cooth…..Not understanding why we’re treated as enemies when that is the main things we’ve been told turns non-believers off on Christianity? Hmmm is caring about everyone regardless a foible? Thanks for your input…give your lovely Hildy a squeeze!

  15. I also do that with the toilet roll. Toilet roll hung the wrong way is most disturbing.

    I also have to sort my CD’s in alphabetical artist and then album release order. With 400+ CD’s it takes a long time when they get jumbled up.

    However my worst foible is that the volume on any digital read out must always be an even number. So in the cars, the volume is always even, the amp in the lounge is always even etc. Once on a trip across Belgium for some motor racing, my passenger spent the whole of the French leg of the trip adjusting the volume number to try and freak me out. It was only after I threatened to dump him at the side of the road that he stopped 🙂

  16. Talking about even…I have to buy canned or packet goods in fours. I can’t buy three of something, it has to be four. Four just has better symmetry than other numbers. I hate three for the price of two offers.

  17. Six is too many. Obviously.

  18. @hover…

    Spread the word, brother! There’s nothing worse than having to spend 23 minutes trying to grab the toilet paper when people put it on the wrong way. Your picture, by the way, is a work of art.


    anal…clever 😉

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  20. anon

    My Gran always put the toilet rolls the *wrong way round*. she said it was very rude to have the paper hanging away from the wall…

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