Helen and Bill have reminded me of something that I think that I’ve been forgetting recently.  Namely appreciating the little things in life.  I’ve been so het up with the sheer volume of work that I have, my OU work and moving house that I’ve stopped paying attention to the good (free) things in life.

In order to try to back away from the stress somewhat I was hoping that you’d all be really helpful and suggest one thing that makes you go “ahh, lovely” and take a moment just to appreciate it.  It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be the smell of a storm on a summer’s day, light streaming through the curtains when you wake up, the smiling face of an inquisitive child or something else.  I just want to know what makes you tick.

If you can’t decide then just give me your top five or ten. 😉


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11 responses to “Appreciation

  1. concertmaster

    Just a few bars of Mozart. Does it for me every time – without fail!


    Stars. I never look at the stars enough, but when I do…

  2. Music…

    I love going through my old collection…the stuff I haven’t listened to in years.

  3. Fabulous

    ahhhh feeling a little kick in my belly. Free and a great feeling.

    Hearing some classic music that i had forgotten

    Walking into the bathroom in the morning and smelling the aftershave that my hubby had put on before work

    Having a strawberry milkshake

    Eating peanut butter on toast (that i miss like mad)

    Getting a message on my facebook just asking how i am. Like getting a friendly email…

  4. Chippy

    Watching my cat as she sleeps, all sorts of funny shapes but the ‘on her back and front paws crossed on her chest’ is the most endearing

  5. – being wrapped up warm, standing under an umbrella in the pouring rain
    – waking up and realising it’s Saturday
    – hugging someone tight and breathing them in
    – when someone says something so nice that it takes your breath away
    – looking at the stars with someone you love

  6. How about clouds and cookies?

  7. – The smell of new mown grass on a sunny day.
    – Watching Pig extricate himself from Cat to get out of bed so as not to disturb him.
    – Watching hot air balloons (but not wanting to be in one).

  8. CM, good to see you back. Music is something that we can all appreciate I think, whether to relax to and reflect or simply to distract us. Stars are pretty cool too.

    Bill, hello *waves*. You opted for nostalgia, excellent choice. I’ve been packing up to move recently and my old record collection certainly brings a few memories back to me. Some make me appreciate what I have all the more.

    F.A.B, you’ve really gone for all the senses there, haven’t you. Of course, a growing babe can make even the most jaded of us get a bit misty eyed.

    Pinkus, you old romantic you. Been snuggling up, have you?

    Gal, there’s always time for clouds and cookies. 😉

    Cat, The Hildy’s parent’s house has a huge field behind it and balloon people (not literally) use it to launch their balloons up into the sky. Seeing them up close is even better than watching them float off into the distance.

  9. Fabulous

    i hadnt even realised that i had gone for all the senses.. haha. I am an all rounder i guess

  10. curling up under the duvet on a dreary Sunday afternoon and watching an old DVD (recommend Robin Hood Men in Tights for this)

    smell of cut grass in the summer

    walking along the beach at Hill Head with the wind blowing

    playing hide and seek with Polly the rat/playing fight with Sybil the rat

    afternoon napping in the garden on a sunny day with beardy

  11. Hi hoverFrog, thanks for the mention!

    Today I’m thankful that a tree didn’t fall on my son when he was caught in yesterday’s violent storms, walking home. Also that some people in a small office invited him in to shelter in their basement, while the tornado watch was on.

    I guess you weren’t exactly asking that, but I find that these things tend to help me get perspective back when I’m forgetting to appreciate all the things which worked out ok.

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