Lazy buggers

You know what pisses me off about people more than anything else:


Yes, the very deadly sin that I find so laudable in myself* is the one that I despise in others.  For instance:  I am currently trying to recruit a Lotus Notes programmer with XML and web services experience.  Why do I get CVs for C++ programmers or Network Infrastructure Gurus (seriously)?  It is because the lazy arsed recruitment tosspot can’t be bothered to read the CV before he sends me a copy.  He just blanket emails everyone on his list with a copy of a totally unsuitable CV.  It wouldn’t take that much effort and would be ultimately more efficient to create a simple database (even a spreadsheet) of potential clients and their requirements and then only email them with suitable candidates.  Surely this isn’t a radical suggestion?

Recruitment consultants are going on the Human Cull list.  Sorry Michelle.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

*Sloth is a virtue because it reduces the amount of work that is repeated for no good reason and makes everything more efficient.  If you disagree then go back to washing clothes by hand in the nearest river or chopping firewood to cook dinner with.

What’s your favourite Deadly Sin?  They are Pride | Greed | Lust | Sloth | Envy | Wrath | Gluttony in case you’ve forgotten. 

Why do I even ask?  You’re all going to choose lust aren’t you?  Can you name the seven virtues without googling them?  Any of them?


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25 responses to “Lazy buggers

  1. I am probably more lumbered with wrath (ah the rants) or envy (ah the wanting to be other people/have what she – whoever she is – has got)…

  2. I think maybe wrath…. becasue even though it’s not nice to face someone’s wrath, you must have done something bad for someone to be wrathful (??) against you… so if you don’t do bad things then you shouldn’t encounter it…

    Lust is fun if it’s you lusting after or being lusted for… but if it’s someone else lusting after your other half, well then that’s not so much fun is it?

  3. One is patience! I think.

    Either way, I am lacking…

  4. charity – i’m very charitable i am…mostly

  5. Fabulous

    Greed is my fav. I dont care but i will not share my sweets with you.

  6. Dom

    I’m dealing with agents who are choosing to ignore my latest emails and asking thier questions again in the vein hope I will change my mind. I’ve taken replying with: As per my last email: . Seems to have done the trick.

    Patience is a virtue. Cleanlyness is next to Godliness so is probably a virtue too. Erm… Blogging is a virtue, as is commenting on blogs which just leaves the three metasyntactic virtues of Foo, Bar and Baz.

    Lust as a sin sucks. It’s what lust leads to that is fun. Envy is probably my favourite, but only when it’s others envying me 😀

  7. Dom

    Hmmm – so you cant use angle brackets in comments. Should have said: As per my last email: [cut and paste last email].

  8. Cuddly Soup, envious and lacking in patience? So you want whatever they’ve got and you want it now. You’re not two years old are you?

    Pinkypoo, wrathful and charitable? An interesting combination. Do you attack sellers of the Big Issue to get your copy?

    F.A.B, s’okay, don’t like your sweets anyway.

    Dom, I just add them to spam lists in vengence. If they won’t do business with me properly then they won’t do business with anyone. You’re patient and lustful eh? Some things are worth waiting for. And angle brackets are for HTML so they get read as such.

  9. Fabulous

    Ok.. well i wont share my cake with you either.. hehe

  10. As an aside, something I read on Sloth.

    Sloth is not inactivity, it is just Wrong activity

    I liked it, so thought of sharing…

  11. F.A.B, but I like cake 😦

    V, Wrong with a capital wubble you. Sounds serious. Don’t get me wrong, doing something to make things easier is ultimately lazy but good, it’s doing nothing and not having the foresight to realise that you’re making work for yourself that annoys me. I suppose that’s stupidity and not sloth that I despise really.

  12. Exactly my point, see ‘not having the foresight to realize that you’re making work for yourself’ is wrong activity, right?

  13. Right. um Yes definitely right, right? 😉

  14. “Cuddly Soup, envious and lacking in patience? So you want whatever they’ve got and you want it now. You’re not two years old are you?”

    You got me! I am advanced for a two-year old though. My vocabularly is staggering considering my youthful years.

    (And Pinky does fight with Big Issue sellers. I have seen her do it. She hits them with her pink handbag and then runs away cackling to herself)

  15. I hate it too – laziness – and I’m supremely good at it myself.

  16. Cuddly One, I take back all those things I said about your photos of you. Being two years old makes everything I said wrong and very probably criminal.

    Hooli, all the best people are.

  17. Amen! One of these days, however, I will stop being lazy. I’ll be damned if it’s today, though.

  18. Hooli, don’t stop, I don’t want to be the only one.

    Baby Blue, don’t tell everyone. I might get labeled as a paediatrician and have to work as a doctor for the rest of my life. I’m not even very good at golf.

  19. but think of the moneyyyy!

  20. I was thinking of the hours actually and having to hang around sick people and malingerers* all the time.

    *The same thing really.

  21. OI!!!! i heard that Soupy.

    i’m not wrathful…nononono

  22. Jason

    Hmm, I’m just Perfect, I have no vices! Lol!

  23. AngryJelly, O K *steps away slowly*

    PurpleTorchlight, riiiiiight.

  24. Jason

    Ok, and slightly delusional, … or should that be “modest”? 😛

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