Laziness Test

Yesterday at approximately the same time I left messages with the solicitor and with the estate agents who are dealing with my house sale and purchase of le château de grenouille.  I asked them both to call me urgently.  This is basically because I’m fed up with being treated like a mushroom* all the time.

What odds would you give me for the following:

  1. The estate agent calls first;
  2. The solicitor calls first;
  3. Neither one calls me today;
  4. Neither one calls me at all.

Estate agents and solicitors are already on the Human Cull list but I’m sort of wishing that I could punish them in some way.  Some way involving sharp, pointy objects and screaming. 

*Kept in the dark and fed on shit.


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18 responses to “Laziness Test

  1. hmm, not sure. Maybe the solicitor will call sometime this afternoon?

  2. Jason

    The solicitor will call first, and charge you for the time he (or indeed she) spends talking to you!

  3. They’ll call you, but not before they frickin’ well feel like it. Or at least that seems to be the general way they work. Grr!

  4. How about a drive-by brick through window episode?

  5. Sonrisa, I admire your optimism.

    Purple, they’re on a flat fee so the incentive to call has been taken away.

    Hooli, that sounds about right. Grr!

    Boob, I’d get some satisfaction from that but I’d have to drive along a pedestrian precinct….sod it.

  6. Dom

    Solicitor will call when you are not in, leave a 30 minute voicemail of them typing where they forgot to hang up the phone and bill you £1500 for it.

  7. boob?!?! boooob???! BOOB?!

  8. Dom, solicitors are like that too. They make me Grr! with rage. So do estate agents. Oh but whcih is worse?

    Boobie, yes?

  9. BOOB?! All I see all over my WP friends page today is the word BOOB! Disgraceful, I tell ya!

  10. Still no call from either of them.


  11. Fabulous

    Typical that you havent had a call yet. They dont know the meaning of urgent!!!

  12. Dom

    Solicitors are worse. You can sell a house without an Estate agent. Solicitors get in the way of everything. It was an incompetent solicitor that caused my last house sale to take 6 months (got to the stage were everyone was threatening to sue them)…. but lets stop there before we enter full on rant mode never to return… 😀

  13. F.A.B, I might take Boobie’s advice and chuck a brick through their window. Grr!

    Dom, actually most of the stuff you can do without a solicitor either. Of course I found this out after I’d hired the lazy, incompetent, money grabbing goits. Tell me your tale of woe, it might make me feel better.

  14. Dom

    In a nutshell she was buying the house off me. I told her to get her solicitors to draw up a TR1, I’d sign it, bish bash bosh, done. Wrong, the wording looked wrong, the letters I got detailed the wrong amount for the sale (£40,000 in my favour though 🙂 ), it all looked very dodgy so I had to get my own solicitor. She looked over the forms, said the wrong ones were filled in and that all the details were wrong. Forms went back and forward a number of times, each time my solicitor had to send it back with corrections. Finally I lost my rag and told them that if it wasn’t sorted by a certain date I would force the sale of the house and sue them for the extra costs I’d incurred due to their incompetence. All of a sudden the other solicitors admitted my solicitor was right and it got sorted in 2 days after that. Still cost me well over a grand for my solicitors and about £5000 in various other costs (I was paying the mortgage for example) in the god knows how many months it took me to sort it out.

  15. All solicitors can’t be that bad though…..can they?

  16. Dom

    Of course not. Some are much much worse 😀

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