Hanging’s too good for ’em

Apparently 99% of people want to bring back hanging.  It’s OK though because they’re Sun readers.

How does another act of violence, another grisly, sordid killing make the world a better place?



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18 responses to “Hanging’s too good for ’em

  1. Dom

    Oi! It’s not just Sun readers. I’m all for bringing back capital [sic] punishement in schools and for the shooting of vast swathes of the population (including people who think the Sun is a newspaper not a comic). Personally I favour shooting, but only because it’s more efficient, much more portable and can be effected at range so you can take down, for example, the chavs running away from the poor sod they’ve just mugged for thier mobile phone.

    As to your question, have you seen the level of ignorance, stupidity and selfishness that’s out there in the world these days? Vast tracts of the population have proven time and time again that they don’t deserve a place on this planet. Hell, if there is a God then I suspect some poor bastard is already hard at work building a bloody great big ship with lots of space for animals.

  2. Dom, that’s very pessimistic of you. Perhaps one solution to the world’s problems would be to take a large swath of the population and eradicate them. A final solution if you will. Forgive me if this sounds a little extreme.

    Perhaps a better option would be to educate and reform the growing underclass so that they do not become a threat in need of eradication. I know: Bleeding heart liberal. Come on Dom, let’s go out and hug a hoodie. 🙂

  3. I’m with Dom. Well, his second paragraph! 😉

    And I’m a bleeding heart liberal myself!

  4. Possibly the general population would like to hang 99% of Sun readers 🙂

    They always seem to run a poll like this immediately a big murder trial has finished, and with the two that were in the headlines last week it is no surprise they got this response.

    There will always be people that kill people, the existence of the death penalty wouldn’t stop them.

  5. Purplephreak

    I’m with Dom I’m afraid, and again I hate the Sun so that can’t be what’s to blame! We’re overpopulated and over taxed, and the world will never be a better place anyway. I say we croak the serial killers, because it’s not a murder that you can understand happening like the murder of a loved on in the heat of the moment (the most common sort). There would have to be overwhelming evidence against the accused, so that there is no question it’s the right one.

    Get rid of enough of these leeches and hey, maybe we can make the world a better place! Failing that, why not send them all to war with each other in some deserted place as suggested by Bob Stanhope? If they like killing so much, let them put themselves to use, if people that want to kill people only kill other people that want to kill people, war would be much more widely accepted 🙂

  6. And for every Stefan Kisko hanged in error, every Sun reader who voted for this would balance the books by having their first born killed in a similar manner?

    No, I thought not. Stupid bastards.

  7. Deborah

    I think we should designate one island for all these strange people and let them have at it….What’s a sun reader Mr. Froginess???? I know, my ignorance is showing again…..sigh

  8. Tender, the problem I have with wide scale reduction of the population other than it being utterly inhuman is that it doesn’t solve the problem. It simply delays it for future generations.

    Perpetual, the Sun has a readership of about 1million I think so I think hanging 99% of them would be impractical as well as awfully messy. They do know their audience though.

    Brennig, another good reason to deny the death penalty. There is always a chance of error and you cannot apologise or make amends to a corpse.

    Deb, the Sun is a comic book that pretends to be a newspaper. A sun reader is stereotypically a manual labourer or unemployed member of the public. Politically they are generally right of centre, racist, sexist and poorly educated. Stereotypically.

    Your plan of putting them all on an island is more merciful than Dom’s but I believe that it’s been thought of before.

  9. Dom

    One could argue that all the Sun readers have already been put on one island 🙂

  10. Nah, quite a few have moved to Spain.

  11. Dom

    Surely that’s Spains problem 🙂

  12. Dom, only if you believe that nationalism is the best way for people to survive.

  13. Fabulous

    Im not into the killing thing but isnt hanging better than the injection?. I thought that peoples necks just snap and they die where as injection takes a while.
    Yuck i just dont want to think about it.

  14. Dom

    Injection is actually 2 injections. First you’re put to sleep, then you’re killed, so even if it does take a while you’re not aware of it.

  15. Fab, there’s some debate in the US about the effects of the lethal injection. There’s a paralytic agent but there is a concern that the effects are far from painless. On the subject of hanging, did you know that there is an optimum height the ensure that the neck breaks cleanly? Failure to break the neck will leave the person choking to death as the noose strangles them. If the rope and the drop is too long there’s a chance that the head will fly off. And bounce.

    Baddum. Plop.

  16. I would be more than happy with the death penalty if we were able to guarantee that our penal system could get hold of the correct perpetrator every time. If we were 100% certain that every person we sent to be executed was guilty as charged, I could support it wholeheartedly.
    But we can’t, and therefore, I am not able to.

    I do however believe we’ve gone TOO FAR to the other extreme, where parents are now so reluctant to discipline their child for fear of being hailed as a child abuser, that they grow up in anarchy and cause all sorts of problems in thier later lives.

  17. i was so horrified by that headline i wanted to vommit in tesco metro

  18. Spaniel, the death penalty used to be the normal method of criminal punishment only a few hundred years ago. There was no effort to reform or reeducate, prison was a place you went to to await execution. If you were lucky (or rich) your sentence could be commuted to transportation to the colonies and indentured servitude for a number of years. Minor offences were dealt with by manual labour and a system of fines. Long term incarceration was something of a rarity.

    SGT, it just made me think people were stupid. I already knew that though.

    Our penal system today locks people away for some of the stupidest things like not having a TV licence or non-payment of council tax. We also don’t imprison repeat offenders who make a career of burglary or who flaunt the punishments that they are given by not attending community service.

    My own opinion is that the law should be clear. I think it should be clear before it is fair. I’d no doubt fuss and rave about the unfairness of some punishments but if they were unequivocal then my argument loses strength. If we fine them then they must pay the fines. If they are ordered to serve the community then they must do that. If we are going to imprison someone then we need to do our utmost to ensure that the criminal does not re-offend.

    The law should be a definite thing. I think that this is where the backlash for the death penalty comes from. People no longer trust the law to protect them. We (because I’m also a person) then call for a show of strength to make us feel safer We see a serial killer or a child rapist and want them to suffer. Very few people ask how they got to be a killer in the first place. Could we have halted that progression from child to fucked up nutter at some point if society had different priorities?

    That’s part of the reason that I believe the death penalty to be wrong. It calls for the harshest punishment but never looks at the causes and never cares about correcting the problem. It just removes the symptom.

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