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Something for the weekend, sir?

In addition to spending the weekend writing an introduction for the eBay atheist I also spend some time writing some questions to ask my friend the Jehovah’s Witness and taking the kids for a walk in the woods.   I now have one more embarrassing story to tell if Tiny Tasha ever brings a boyfriend home.  It’s not just bears that go in the woods.

The thing that I spent most of the time doing though was trimming my hedge. It had become very overgrown and was in much need of cutting back. I’ve filled the composter and I’ve got nearly a dozen bags packed full of hedge trimmings.

After all the work I put in I’ve got quite proficient. I dare say I could trim anyone’s hedge or bush in next to no time.


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Off the Map – eBay Atheist

I’ve been asked by the lovely Helen to be a guest blogger on the eBay Atheist site because it is “important to have a non-zero number of atheist bloggers”.  I’m writing on someone else’s blog and therefore need to put more thought into it than the usual witterings than take the place of writing on my blog.  I have the Monday slot which is a good thing because it gives me a whole weekend to write something properly.

I’m also a guest blogger over at Friendly Christian but it’s less formal there so I just add something when I think of it.  Bill is almost entirely responsible for changing my attitude to Christians.  Hopefully that’ll make him smile. 🙂 I still have strong opinions but they’re a little more constructive now.

Now the begging part.  I need some topics to write about.  Something that will make me think and make others think.  As I am dense and have no ideas of my own I need the wonderful people of blog land to help me out.


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