Something for the weekend, sir?

In addition to spending the weekend writing an introduction for the eBay atheist I also spend some time writing some questions to ask my friend the Jehovah’s Witness and taking the kids for a walk in the woods.   I now have one more embarrassing story to tell if Tiny Tasha ever brings a boyfriend home.  It’s not just bears that go in the woods.

The thing that I spent most of the time doing though was trimming my hedge. It had become very overgrown and was in much need of cutting back. I’ve filled the composter and I’ve got nearly a dozen bags packed full of hedge trimmings.

After all the work I put in I’ve got quite proficient. I dare say I could trim anyone’s hedge or bush in next to no time.


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16 responses to “Something for the weekend, sir?

  1. It takes me no time at all to trim mine these days

  2. HAHAHAH, glad to see you got stuff done this weekend. Well done Mr. Frog!

  3. Soupy, it’s quite quick once you get the hang of it.

    Mylozmom, it has been very busy but it did get me out of decorating.

    Pinky, rude? What do you mean? I shall have to take a photo of my trimmed hedge so that everyone can admire it.

  4. Purplephreak

    Ooh what questions did you come up with? I have been reliably informed that if you tell them you are a Catholic or a Satanist, they have a similar reaction and leave you alone.

  5. Decorating? What are you suppose to be decorating?

  6. Purple, you’re still ending up in my spam filter. Have you done anything particularly wicked to deserve this? My questions are pretty general. What is JW, how much time does it take, what do you do, what do you think the general perception is…that kind of thing. I haven’t finished them if you want to ask something.

    Mylozmom, Cake Worm’s room needs decorating. Well, all the rooms need decorating but her room is first. decorating is my least favourite job so I opted for sharp objects and keeping the kids entertained (not at the same time) while the Hildy did the painting.

    Did you know that a paint remover heat gun can melt a carpet in seconds?

  7. HAHAHAH, no I was not aware but now that I think about it, it is logical to think that is would melt the carpet in seconds. At least it wasn’t fingers or toes though right? So that being said, are you replacing the carpet now too?

  8. It’s funny that you should mention that. We will be replacing the carpet. Oh, and the smoke alarm definitely works.

  9. You know……..there is an easier way to check the alarms then that!

  10. Oh is that what the button in the middle does?

  11. well I’m not quite sure but I’d say you shoulda started with that button FIRST!

  12. Luckily I was busy trimming my hedge so the decorating\melted carpet\fire alarm test was all down to The Hildy. Another reason for me to steer clear of decorating.

  13. The Old Testament is a happy hunting ground for the indefensible Word of God. As you have a daughter I’d recommend Exodus 21.7 – and ask what, in the religious person’s view, would be a fair price.

    Trimming bushes is dangerous – that razor can be quite tricky – but very satisfying when it’s done…

  14. Do you shape into a figurine or something?

  15. Fabulous

    oh gosh too many jokes can come from reading a post about trimming and hedges and filling up lots of bags. haha. Gave me a right good giggle. 😉

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