I’ve been forced to sing the wrong song twice today to my plebeian co-workers.  Let’s hope they don’t deserve a third such vocal thrashing.

If you doubt the merits of my punishment I should refer you to the reasons:

  1. Earthquakes are not caused by Teutonic plates bashing each other.
  2. Dan Brown did not invent the Knights Templar.

If anyone doubts that my singing is a punishment then you obviously haven’t heard me sing.


Filed under Reasons to be cheerful

13 responses to “WRONG

  1. HHAHAHHAHAHA, Cute!:mrgreen:

  2. WHAT THE HELL!!! I still can’t get those faces to work!

  3. Oh there he is……… 😳

  4. Oh…………there he is…….. 😳

  5. oh……..there he is……..opps! 😳

  6. Mas

    pah, you’ll be telling us next that dinosaurs never existed and that Santa was created by the coca cola company !


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