Women Drivers Part 2

On Monday I mentioned in Women Drivers how Manal Al Sharif had defied Saudi law by driving in public. This brave woman has now been arrested.

Al Sharif, 32, was taken into custody for something that is only an offence in Saudi Arabia: Driving while female.

According to her lawyer, she was charged with “inciting women to drive” and “rallying public opinion.” Al Sharif had launched a campaign to defy the kingdom’s ban on female drivers by urging Saudi women to get behind the wheel of a car on June 17.

She must have known that it would happen and that she would be punished for it. I have to admire someone like that and I’m sure her arrest won’t deter some of her supporters though others are put off.

“We cannot think this would happen to any Saudi woman . . . This is a disaster,” said a young Saudi who had planned to join the June protest. “After what happened with her, I’m afraid. I have to admit it. I don’t want to go to jail.”

Please have a read of the whole article and try to keep the story and struggle alive on Facebook (“I Will Drive Starting June 17”) and Twitter (#Women2Drive), ask your MP (assuming that they aren’t completely worthless) to intervene. The campaign deserves support.



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