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Woman Tries to Kill Children, Self to Avoid ‘the Tribulation’

An end times nutter.

Palmdale (KTLA) — A woman slit her daughters’ throats before slitting her own early Friday evening, claiming that “the Tribulation” was going to occur and she wanted to prevent them from suffering through it, officials said.

Lyn Benedetto, 47, reportedly told her daughters to lie on a bed and proceeded to take a knife to their throats.

The suspect then took the knife to her own throat before driving the victims to an unoccupied friend’s house to die.

This is just the kind of crazed mentality that I have so much trouble understanding. It seems clear to me that this woman is mentally ill in some way. Of course I’m not trained in psychiatry or anything but I think you’ll agree that there are some actions that you just know are bonkers.

The recent bollocks by Harold Camping and his followers about the cRapture and the End Times may well have added that impetus to Benedetto so that her dark thoughts of murder\suicide were realised. What sort of thoughts must have gone through her mind to consider that her life, her childrens’ lives and the world would be a better place if her family were bled to death by her hand.

I’ve got to feel sorry for her in a way (assuming that she is actually mentally ill) but my sympathy runs out at the point where her actions hurt others. It really lies with her children who have (or really should have) lost their mother and now have to live with her actions. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the kind of faith that fosters and supports such beliefs that enable this kind of behaviour. None at all.


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Wot. No Rapture?

Wot.  No Rapture?
For those of you who missed it yesterday was the Rapture. At least according to Christian radio fruitcake, Harold Camping. This isn’t the first time that he’s predicted the rapture of course. The first time was for September 1994. It didn’t happen then either.

Funnily enough the Jehovah’s Witnesses four predictions for the End Times haven’t come true either. Nope, not in 1914, 1918, 1925, or even in 1942. There are dozens of others from dozens of different Christian sects and cults. Not one of them has come true.

It isn’t just loony Christians who have predicted the end of the world. Islam has the Qiyamah and the two main divisions, the Sunni and the Shia, have whole lists of events that are supposed to happen first. All crap of course. Hindus have a cyclical destruction\rebirth thing with suitably long times but there are still some nutters who think that the end of the world is coming next Thursday, just after tea. Pick any of the religions and some nutter will find something in their holy books that tells them that doom awaits just round the corner.

What is it about these, admittedly extreme, religious people who either want the world to end, look forward to it, or just want to depress people by making such spurious claims? No gods will swoop down on a white steed to take you off to heaven, no Valkyrie will carry you to Valhalla, the Ninki Nanka won’t eat you, the dead won’t rise to live in paradise. It’s all crap. You’ve got one life. Be nice to people and make the most of it, you don’t get a second chance.

Anyway I’m all set for 2012, the Mayan’s predicted that we’d all snuff it then too. I predict that it won’t.


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