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Sally Army Cheats

The city council of Wellington, New Zealand granted permission to Wellington Rape Crisis for their annual fund raiser. This one day appeal brings in around 20% of the charity’s annual income and goes to help the victims of rape, sexual assault and abuse. They provide support and counselling as well as advocacy for victims and medical centres, police and the courts. They also provide educational resources and referrals to other agencies. Source. All good work and unfortunately necessary.

Wellington require any organisation to get permission to collect money on council land (public highways, shopping centres, etc) which is quite reasonable and no doubt helps to limit swindlers and other bogus charity collections as well as keeping the charity workers in some kind of organised pattern so that everyone doesn’t descend over a single weekend.

The Salvation Army don’t care about that though. They don’t seem to care about the victims of rape or about giving smaller charities a fair chance to collect money. What they’ve done is to compete with Wellington Rape Crisis and defy the council rules by collecting in the middle of the charity’s week long appeal. Another example of Christian charity no doubt.

It makes me wonder if the Salvation Army isn’t getting too big to do good any more. There was a time when I considered the charity to be one of the better Christian charities out there (not that I’d give to a religious charity when there are so many good secular ones out there) but this news is just disturbing. It comes only a fortnight after The Poppy Project was reported to have lost their funding to the Sally Army too (as reported by tenderhooligan). Of course they also have a record of promoting superstition rather than actually helping victims of rape and hold an

International Weekend of Prayer and Fasting for the Victims of Sex Trafficking.

I’m sure that’s a great help. NOT!

If you give to charity please choose one that does some good with your money and treats people fairly. Thank you.


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Boys Denied Cancer Vaccine

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee have rejected a submission requesting that they add the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for administration to boys.

When the HPV vaccine first made headlines I did wonder why it was only for girls. I mean it is fairly obvious that you need a cervix to get cervical cancer but men can carry the virus and HPV doesn’t just cause cancers of the cervix. It caused cancers in whatever body part it takes root in. Just because “normal” sex is between a man and a woman and involves penetration that doesn’t mean that it is the only way to have sex. Seriously, look it up if you don’t believe me.

As a society we should be protecting people from communicable diseases like HPV. It seems to me that immunizing boys and girls will do a better job of this than just immunizing girls. It will certainly help those 5% to 10% of the population who are gay and have sex.


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Jesus vs Batman

Jesus vs Batman

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Katie Price Upsets Church

Attention seeker, Katie Price, has upset the Archdeacon of Oxford by performing the wrong kind of superstitious ritual in an old building. Price was filming with ITV show Ghosthunting With…. in “a church in Great Tew in Oxfordshire and tried to use a Ouija board to contact spirits”.

Rather than being mocked for wasting her time church officials are upset claiming that talking to the air over a board with letters, numbers and words on was “a rather blasphemous and sacrilegious thing to do”. Presumably Price was attempting to conjure the spirits on career longevity or something.

Not only do I find the idea of speaking to spirits utterly ridiculous (if it wasn’t already apparent) but I find the idea of getting upset about it equally ridiculous. This is especially the case given that the organisation getting upset is another ridiculous, superstitious waste of time. I mean, every week people congregate in the building to try to talk to a spirit. So really who is being the most ridiculous?



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According to the US government, our government and the popular media: We are supposed to accept that troops can raid a foreign country without their permission or knowledge; execute a man who has not been tried for his crimes; throw his body in the sea so there is no evidence for what happened; and call this last ‘respect for his religion’.


They don’t have to produce evidence of his crimes or have a trial. There is no need for a sworn body of people convened to render an impartial verdict, what we would call a jury. Indeed there is no impartial and rational examination of evidence at all.

Is this justice? Why are people celebrating it?

He may very well have been guilty of horrible crimes but even Hermann Göring got a trial.

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