The Conned

I feel sort of sorry for this guy and for the many people like him. He’s been conned by Harold Camping and his silly cRapture myth. Robert Fitzpatrick spent $140,000 of his life savings to “warn” people about the Rapture. This was his retirement fund, money that he would live on for his old age and he needed to look after himself. Now he has nothing.

I know that I take a lot of glee in mocking Camping when the cRapture failed (predictably) to happen. It is a stupid and wasteful claim that deserved to fall flat on it’s face. Yet for his victims I have to keep some sympathy. Perhaps they will serve as a lesson to future gullible people. Here’s hoping anyway.



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2 responses to “The Conned

  1. Misterioso Adversario

    What is there to feel sympathetic about? Even if you believe in Jesus and magical men in the sky, the Christians own holy book specifically says that no man can know the date. So if Robert Fitzpatrick is a devout enough Christian to believe that a rapture is actually possible, he should have known this guy couldn’t predict the date.

    But that is getting off track from the main point, which is that the rapture is a retarded idea, no matter what date people want to attach to it.

    • This man has been conned into believing in a god who will save him for his entire life. The latest con has just taken the last of his money and his self respect away. I can afford a little compassion for the guy. He is as much a victim here as any victim of a confidence trick.

      But yeah, the rapture is a ridiculous idea.

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