Hol(e)y Socks Batman

I have a huge hole in my sock.  How I failed to notice that gaping chasm of sockiness escapes me.  It is truly massive.  Obviously I shall be discarding the socky remnants as soon as I get home.

In the meantime I shall be colouring in my heal with black pen so that it isn’t obvious.  Do you think anyone will notice?


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7 responses to “Hol(e)y Socks Batman

  1. Bound to! I expect you’ll get stopped by the newly-appointed Footwear Inspector (cloth division) on your way home. It’s the Law of Sod…

  2. you might also try colouring in your ‘heel’

  3. Dom

    Please tell me you’re not wearing sandals with socks as I fail to see how you can have a hole so large that people would notice with proper shoes on.

  4. Oy Frog, how do you get listed on P27 new postings when you’re on Wormpress? Only ask because it’s a hell of a job getting to WP for me, needs poxies and everyfing, just to get round the GFW of China. That’s why I’m still on P27, they don’t bother with the small blog platforms.
    I solve the socky problem as follows. Go to Walmart on Dawanglu, Buy six pairs for 60p. Wear once. Throw out. Works a treat.

  5. Brennig, I’ve heard about these inspectors. Is nothing sacred?

    Jellyface, woe to me and my poor speeling.

    Dom, shoes are for people who work in the outside. I remove my footwear whenever I arrive in the office.

    BHM, there’s a thing that you can set up in P27 to allow you to display the WP site in the recently updated list. It’s a bit like magic but it uses XML…It’s a lot like magic. Is there a Walmart in every town on the planet?

  6. I hope you used the same colour marker pen as your socks, otherwise that’d look a little strange!

  7. so?!?!? Did anyone notice?

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