Chocolate is horrible. 

It’s too sweet, too sticky and it makes me feel sick if I eat more than a tiny bit.

It is also poisonous to animals.

You can keep your Easter Eggs, I don’t want them.

Please note that this is not a strange attempt at reverse psychology to get you to send me hoards of chocolate.  I really don’t like the stuff.


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32 responses to “Chocroversial

  1. Dom

    If you oppose this administration there can and will be ramifications….

  2. Most chocolate (Cadbury’s in particular) is good for me. It’s vegetarian. But a lot of it isn’t. That stuff should be banned. The rest should just be sent in my direction – so I’d be quite willing to have your share, Mr hF?

  3. well you can always send me any that you get…

  4. I knew Dom would be the first person to comment…. 😛

    I don’t mind chocolate, I mean, I don’t dislike it, but I’d rather have cheese any day.

  5. I’m with you Mr. Frog……..don’t like the stuff!

  6. Dom, what sort of ramifications? I’m willing to risk some pretty harsh ones if I can avoid the vile stuff.

    Brennig, you can have my share. If we still had rationing I’d send you my chocolate coupon thingy. We don’t so I’m going to spend the money on some proper stinky cheese and crackers instead.

    Jelly, oh too slow. Brennig got in there first. Such a shame.

    Soupy, yay cheese. What’s your favourite?

    Mylozmum, good for you. In the new regime you are assured of a high position. The chocolate munchers must slave in the mines while we eat cheese. It’s only fair.

  7. tam

    uuhhhh…can’t have enough of the stuff! Dark Chocolate is the best. the darker the better! Makes my mouth happy 😉 Hov…what is WRONG with you???

    What sweet food DO you like?

  8. Hovness…talk about controversy…..

    I’m a chocophile…. *yummy sounds*

    Maybe you’ve just never tasted “real” super creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth ….hmmm gotta go find some… 😉

  9. The darker the chocolate the less sweet and more bitter it is. Try Lindt’s 85% cacao. Tastes good, but it doesn’t taste like chocolate. Not like Hershey’s, anyways.

    The darker it is the more poisonous it is to animals, as well. So while a bag of Kisses might make your averagely small dog spaz for a few hours, the Lindt 85% just might kill it.

  10. Hover, I love chocolate but could never eat too much of it, like every day. Too much upsets my stomach. Now that I am a diabetic I eat it even less. Poor me. 🙂

    I do prefer the sweeter tasting chocolate. Nothing like a cup of hot coco on a cold winter night.

  11. Chocolate? Isn’t that one of the 7 basic food groups? Number 1 I think. I think cheese is number 2. Sardines number 3!

  12. I managed to go for 48 years without knowing of a single soul who has to endure your affliction, Monseur Frog.

    In this 49th year, suddenly there is a ‘plague’ of them?? Is God trying to tell me something?

    More chocophobes on this planet = more chocolate for me.

    Therefore – God is Good! 🙂

    What? Delusional and self-centered?? Catering simply to one’s own choice of desire? I scoff at such suggestions! Can I scoff your share of the world’s remaining chocolate while i’m at it – Please??

    love ❤

  13. TMC

    I dunno – I just happened to be listening to Ministry at the time and I thought the sample was most apt 🙂 If you really want to leave me more chocolate then feel free 😀

    Oh, and dark chocolate is vile stuff. I like sweet, sickly milk chocolate like cadburies dairy milk and galaxy 😀

  14. Oh, goat cheese is the best by far x

  15. Tam, wrong with me? No, it’s the world that is wrong, I’m fine.

    Deb, just telling me how much you like it won’t make me like it. It doesn’t work like that. It just makes me feel a bit sick.

    Sara, I think I’d better just avoid all chocolate and thereby save all forms of wildlife. Do you think that, if it can kill small mammals, then it can’t be that good for humans?

    Ed, that’s your choice but the sweet drinking chocolate does make me feel ill. It’s overpowering and it lingers for ages.

    Papa, there are only three food groups aren’t there? Beer, cheese, other.

    LWBUT, your anecdote is reason to mix with a greater range of people. 😉 You can then get all their share of chocolate.

    Commuter, it’s not just dark chocolate that it vile, it’s all chocolate….except the sprinkling that you get on top of a cornetto.

    Soupy, we need to compare cheeses. Where do you get your goat’s cheese?

  16. Fabulous

    YOur right its not great stuff but i cant resist a cream egg. I norjmally bit the top off eat the middle and give my hubby the chocolate rest. haha

  17. purplephreak

    Have you tried any proepr dark chocolate? It’s much more bitter to taste, a lot more flavoursome and not as sugary

  18. Fab, cream eggs are the worst.

  19. Yeah! What He ^^^^^^^ said! 😉

    Good idea about the greater range of people though!

    love ❤

  20. Oh – on the ‘health’ (fatalities) issue… need i point out what happens to any individual so besotted of beer (or more frequently spirits) that they exceed 20 ‘standard’ drinks in one sitting?

    Far lower quantities can be, of course, equally fatal to humans when combined with a misconceived desire to get behind the wheel of a car or handlebars of a motorbike or similar. Alcohol and guns do NOT mix well ( produce ‘funny – haha’) results in my experience. 😯

    I’m happier taking my chances with (moderate) consumption of Chocky – YUM!

    love ❤

  21. I’ve always loved cheese – the stronger the letter. I particularly love the cheddar that’s so mature it makes your teeth tingle.

    I still like chocolate, but strangely as I’ve got older I get sick of it much much quicker than I used to.

    Can definitely eat more cheese than chocolate now…..

    Mmmm. Cheeeeeese………….

  22. Letter????? I meant ‘better’. Sorry.

  23. I’m with Soupy .. although my preference isn’t cheese .. actually don’t know what my preference is .. but if I were in a petrol station and I was hungry, my first choice would not be chocolate!

  24. I was not expecting you to like it because I like it Hov…that’s pretty goofy! Have a happy Easter! 🙂

  25. Haloumi cheese. Go get some. Ask your local grocer if they carry any Arabic cheeses and this one is likely to be the one they have.

    Soooo gooood…… Salty, kinda flaky, and ever so slightly squeaky when you chew it. Delightful.

  26. I’m quite happy not liking chocolate.

    Oh yes.

    You is a CRAZY bob!!! Chocolate is gud, you old man so your taste buds have fallen out.
    You dont taste the joy of chocolate.

  28. cake worm

    Why are you talking about cheese AND why are you people not liking chocolate!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  29. Foolish Kitty. Chocolate is yuck.

    Apples are good though. Yum.

  30. Only if you’ve got no teeth.

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