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Thought experiment

The Technological Singularity – the moment in history that will be created when human intelligence can be digitized. When the speed and scope of our cognition is hitched to the price-performance curve of microprocessors, our “prog-ress” will double every couple of years according to Moore’s Law.  This was made popular by Vernor Vinge and has been widely used in science fiction writing and film, most recently in the Terminator TV series.  The accelerated change of hyper intelligence may change Moore’s Law from 18 month to 2 years to a much lower time scale like weeks, days or even minutes.

If or when such an event occurs, what place will humanity have in the world.  Does hyper intelligence equate to hyper wisdom? Unable to feel hunger or pain, would a machine intelligence have empathy for those that do?  Would intellectualising empathy be sufficient motive for a hyper intelligence to consider the humans who created it?


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