…and relax

Cake Worm, Tiny Tash and Little Al are back at school.  They have school uniforms, new shoes, new backs, new lunch boxes and new stationery.  This is because we packed (OK I packed) everything for school before our move date was changed for the first time. 

Snarly didn’t make it to school today.  Instead she has spent the last few days being very poorly with a tummy bug.  She has also managed to have a normal blister on her heal turn into an infected puss fulled sack of evil that I took no pleasure in stabbing with a scalpel and draining yesterday.  She’s spending today at home with her mother. 

The Hildy is taking the opportunity to avoid going back to work and to start her TMA which is due in on Thursday.  I also started my TMA which is also due in on Thursday.  Plenty of time.

Anyway, other than ranting about how much I hate estate agents and solicitors (which is getting old) and moaning about putting off our move again (this time it’s the 17th September) I’ve got very little to say.  Instead I wish to share some happy photos of my loving family.

Tiny Tash looking thoughtful.

Cake Worm caught in the act.

Snarly the big drip.

Little Al at 100 metres above sea level sitting on some glass.

The Hildy, busy packing.

Riz, the stupidest cat in the world.


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11 responses to “…and relax

  1. hey! your stupid cat looks a bit like one of my stupid cats!

    loving the family pictures! you have such a nice big family although i don’t envy you having to keep them all in control!

  2. That is a lot of children, no wonder you are moving!

  3. Fabulous

    What have you done to poor hildy she looks exhausted.. lol.
    Lovely pics Mr Frog. Ahh now for some quiet since they have gone back to school.

    TUmmy bug.. poor little one. *hugs*

  4. Lovely Jelly, I bet my cat is stupider than yours. She noticed the fish tank yesterday for the first time. We’ve had fish for about 6 years.

    Control kids? Ha ha, you’re funny. They’re the ones in control.

    Perp, that’s precicely my thinking as well.

    F.A.B, what have I done to her? That’s not for discussion in public you naughty person. Doesn’t she look peaceful though.

  5. Freckles, freckles, freckles on little Cake Worm! Beautiful family you have there!

  6. tam

    Hi Hover – stunning kiddos! I’m guessing yours is a pretty fun household!

    Mine started school this week – aahhhh! I have my life back!

  7. Hooli, shush about the freckles, Wormy is very self conscious about them even though I think she’s beautiful.

    Hi Tam, “fun” yes. That’s the word I’d use, definitely. 😉

  8. I have a stupid cat too, and it lays exactly like that pic and waits for the even dumber dog to come and stick her nose close! LOL it happens about 3 times a week!

    Very beautiful children!! And I must say that I enjoy school in too, and early bed times for kids makes me smile! You rock, I love to visit. (hey I have the same TV as the one in the background..Good day M.Frog

  9. Fabulous

    Peaceful and exhausted

  10. tenderhooligan

    I used to hate my freckles too, but now I’ve come to embrace them. Well, I don’t have any choice, really! And, hey, the boys love them! Oh, wait, you probably don’t want to hear that! I’m not doing very well on this post! 😉

  11. godsgal1

    Hey Hov!!!! We’re missin ya!!!! Hope all is well!!! have a super weekend. 😉

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