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Religion causes harm, says poll

On the front page of yesterday’s Sunday Times was an article that stated that “nearly half the British think that religion is harmful”.  This is a surprise for me because I seriously though that my views were in a small minority.

Personally I think the division of Believer, Agnostic or Atheist is too narrow.  I prefer Dawkins’ seven point scale of religiosity.  The Times poll showed the following results:

  • Only 16% of those polled called themselves atheists;
  • 28% believed in God;
  • 26% believed in “something” but were not sure what;
  • and 9% regarded themselves as agnostics.

Putting aside that this adds up to only 79% which indicates that the journalist cold be twisting the statistics for his own ends in some ways (I’m a skeptic, what’s your point) I still find it interesting that there are reportedly more Atheists than Agnostics.

I’ve set up a Facebook poll based on the seven point scale if you want to join in and add your own personal rating.  I’m going to leave it running for a while.

If you don’t use Facebook then the poll is repeated here:

How would you rate your personal belief in the divine?

  1. Absolutely believe in my deity\deities and take the holy book literally.
  2. Believe in my deity\deities and think that the holy book is right even though parts of it are allegory.
  3. Believe in a deity\deities but no particular religion has it right.
  4. Don’t know\not interested\Agnostic.
  5. Don’t really believe in a deity.
  6. Don’t believe in any deity but am open to new evidence.
  7. Absolutely believe in the absence of all deities.  Nothing could change my mind.

Does the poll surprise anyone?


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