Human Cull III

OK in addition to estate agents and solicitors I now have to add Internet service provider admin staff to my human cull list.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this in the past 😉 but I am moving house shortly.  My completion date is now 17th September.  In preparation for my move I have contacted several utility companies and asked to transfer service to the new address.

Tiscali (my ISP) cut off my broadband yesterday.  Presumably this is because the 6th looked similar to the 17th.  Honestly though, everyone makes mistakes.  A quick phone call should have sorted this out, wouldn’t you think?


No apology, no admittance of error, no fix.  I am now looking for a new ISP and have to come to the library for my blogging fix.

Still, we exchanged contracts today and I’m on a promise so it’s all worked out OK. 😉


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8 responses to “Human Cull III

  1. tam

    I went from “Blog Roll” to “Debate”…what???

    So you’re moving? I like moving for one thing – to purge! I am not a pack rat – so then why would purging be involved you might ask, or not, because I have a husband and children who keep EVERYTHING! We’ve been at our current home 2 1/2 years – I think it’s time for another move 😉

    Hope yours goes well Hover! Have a fantabulous (nice word, heh?) weekend!!!

  2. My internet was interrupted this week for a couple days and i am not even moving! No apology no anything..just “working on it, lady” I thought “okay, I will just chill with Glen Beck, I like his radical not even cable and internet are the same person, as well as my phone..not real funny…nothing worked. So glad I still had the cell so I could complain! LOL Hope things get better for you real soon!!

  3. Tam, I’m afraid that I keep everything as well. You never know when you might find a use for something.

    OC, thanks, it’s a pain not having the world at my fingertips. I’m used to being able to find something out in seconds rather than in a few days time. Very annoying.

  4. Ah..i agree, my broadband connection breaks on almost every Friday evening and is restored on Sunday evening. I wonder if there is anything other than genuine error to it.

  5. Violet, I imagine that your problem is with the contention ratio of your service. Loads of other people probably use the same service at the same time, Have a whinge,

  6. I’m currently in a state we’ll politely call ‘correspondence’ regarding my house move and Tiscali’s distinct lack of desire to move my broadband from one house to the other. I’m refusing to pay my total final bill because I’d be paying for something I couldn’t use. They really are bastards.

  7. Span, that doesn’t sound good. Maybe I should cancel my direct debit now.

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