The Hildy is reading a book about super heroes.

I have nerdified her.  My work here is done.

If you had a super power, what would you use your power for?


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9 responses to “Super

  1. I would use it for EVIL! MWHAHAHAHA!

    Although as my super power is the ability to sleep anywhere. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that.

  2. I would choose “knowing and being able to do everything just by thinking about it briefly” as my super power so I wouldn’t have to worry about all the work I ahve to do.

  3. I would use my superpower to find out next week’s winning lottery numbers so I might at least win something for a change!

  4. cha0tic, evil? Surely you’d use it for chaos, sorry, CHAOS. You could sleep in a public place and disrupt traffic. That’d be annoying if not properly evil.

    Soupy, you’d use your power to do anything to do work? Good grief! You really need to take a couple of weeks off. Also, with my own mind, I have a zillion stray thoughts flitting around like crazed bees at a bee dancing contest. The power to do something based only on a fleeting thought might end up with planes falling from the sky, the seas turning into beer and dancing beers painting the sky green. That’s just in the last 5 seconds. Give me a week and we’d all be taking the unicorn to work as a mode of transport. Not good. Or maybe the bunny.

    Cat, greed, excellent. A most noble use for super powers.

  5. Dom

    I would use my special powers to live the lifestyle I’d like to become accustomed to and to slay all those I felt were unworthy.

  6. I think, as I already posess the ability to sleep anywhere (and frequently do), I’d like my secret power to be the ability to stay awake anywhere… 🙂

    And yours would be?

  7. Can I use mine to stop people walking slowly in front of me?

    On a hemi-demi-serious note I think I could handle being able to heal people….

    What’s yours Hover

  8. I’d like to control time. Make fun times last longer and boring times last shorter.

  9. Dom, you could do that without super powers. Sorry, what am I thinking? You could keep doing that without super powers.

    Brennig, staying awake. Hmm, not so sure. My current power would be mind control and I’d use it to control minds and get out of Jury Service.

    Sylindria, push the slow people into the road. If they get run over you could then heal them with your other power.

    Sara, oooh, time control. Cool and so open to abuse.

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