ChessMy 10 year old son, Alexander, played me to a draw at chess last night.  He regularly beats his mother and his older sisters.  I’m going to have to up my game before he starts beating me.  Either that or switch to scrabble.

He is following a family tradition though.  I started beating my old man at chess when I was about 10. 

Do you have any memories of surpassing your parents or mentors that you’d care to share?


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19 responses to “Chess

  1. Dom

    I could never beat my Dad at chess. Try as I might I was always too impatient and would end up not seeing the final blow due to being caught up in my own strategy. When I was 18 I finally beat him for the first time. I’ve never played him since 🙂

  2. I remember the first time I beat my dad at our regular squash game. Shortly after we were banned from playing each other by my mum, on account of the violence creeping into the games.

  3. I never wanted to learn how to play chess, but my Dad made me. I can’t stand it so I don’t beat anyone.

    I do remember getting my Dad back a few years ago when he came to me for HR advice. I remember thinking. Hmmm. Once upon a time you used to tell me how to do stuff. Now I’m telling you. I felt quite smug.

  4. Hoverfrog,

    haha loved your lightening bolt suggestion for Fred Phelps left over at Friendly Christian. Im more of a Hog Tie and leave hit to rot type of humble, loving Christian myself. I mean its all for the greater good of man, right? Whether its the lightening bolts, hog ties, or even a modern day stoning it all for good reason. 😉


  5. Snarly

    Al never beats me. I just get bored and walk off half way through the game.

  6. Dom, what was he no challenge after that?

    Perp, violence creeping into the game? It’s squash, I thought that was the point.

    Spaniel, that smug feeling is good isn’t it.

    Gretchin, I left a reply on Bill’s site.

    Snarly, you surrender then? I thought making your opponent surrender was one way of winning. Face it love, he soundly trounces you each time you play.

  7. Dom

    Nah, I’d just spent so long trying to beat him that once I did there was no reason to play him any more 😀 Besides, I didn’t want to loose again 🙂

  8. The level of violence increases to what was deemed an unacceptable level HF!

  9. Dom, ah yes, self preservation. You’d won and the risk of losing could cause emotional distress.

    Perp, unacceptable for whom?

  10. i cannot beat my mother at word games. she has the vocabulary of johnson. grr

  11. joe

    My family is really into this game which we call Racing Demons. My daughter (7 but nearly 8) is fast but not fast enough to win regularly. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be long until she can beat everyone.

  12. SGT, she’s also had longer to accumulate that vocabulary.

    Joe, I’ve heard that childrne have much better reflexes than adults. I don’t know if that makes you feel better or just old. 😉

  13. HF it was my mother, who used to have to mediate between myself and my dad over the violence and subsequent injuries caused by it!

  14. cake worm

    I beat you at bowling on the wii.

    You lost.



  15. tiny tash

    i beat alex once but his king fell over so i win win win win win win win win win
    i win right???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  16. tiny tash

    dad you sound like a teacher

  17. c babe

    well i love chess beat my trainer only once
    need to improve my game
    need more trainig
    love the game

  18. Jarlekin

    I used to lose to my dad. I guess I played him 2 times and lost both. I wanted to never play that stupid game again. Then I started on a chess highschool and one of my fellow pupils was a strong grandmaster age 20. I guess he inspired me by beating me blindfold etc. So I started playing chess. Won my first tournament nad yea, my dad never beat me since then 🙂

  19. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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