The Hildy

….in which hoverFrog tries not to offend anyone.

Thirteen things about The Hildy:

  1. I’ve known her since I was 15 and she was 19 when she started working in the video shop round the corner from where I lived.
  2. She went on to be the manager of the same video shop but still earned less than today’s minimum wage.
  3. When she is concentrating she tends to get this little frown line between her eyebrows.
  4. Her hair started going grey when she was 16.  Long before she ever met me.  The kids tease her about having grey hair but she just tells them that it’s hereditary.
  5. She started her OU degree five years after I started mine but she’ll finish hers before me.  This is because she has a plan whereas I keep changing my mind.
  6. She is left handed and therefore a witch.
  7. Further evidence of her witcheryness is the fact that she never learnt to swim.  We take the kids swimming quite often but she always stays in the shallow end.
  8. Another thing that she had not learnt to do was to cook.  I had to teach her how.  Now she is a wonderful cook although she still buys per-packaged food from time to time.
  9. Her favourite meal is mushroom egg foo yung, mushroom chow mein and egg fried rice.
  10. When we win the lottery The Hildy would like to eat her favourite meal every day to see how long it takes her to get sick of it.
  11. When we were poor we had £10 a week for the two of us to buy food.  We practically lived on pasta, rice and potatoes.  We always had enough money for Hildy’s cornflakes though.
  12. The Hildy is half German on account of her father being from East Germany.  She does not, however, speak any German at all.  When the Berlin Wall came down and some of her long lost relatives came over to visit she couldn’t understand a word that they said.
  13. She has a fear of butterflies.

Go on…tell me thirteen things about your partner….you know you want to.

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