Firstly this is very silly ==>


Thirteen Great Things About Winter

  1. Cold.  I am too hot for most of the year but in the winter I can finally be comfortable.
  2. Snow. The best kind of weather that there is.
  3. Watching the sun rise as I walk to work.
  4. Dragon’s breath.  There’s something about seeing your breath misting in the air that takes me back to those magical times I remember as a child.
  5. Frost on the grass.  It just looks so clean.
  6. Christmas.  In this country Christmas and all it’s resulting chaos occurs in the winter.
  7. Mulled wine.  I know, any excuse.
  8. Real log fires.  Not in my current house unfortunately but a real fire is a great way to stay warm.
  9. Snuggling.  Winter is a fantastic excuse to snuggle.
  10. Ice.  Not that I’m mean or anything but I get a great deal of amusement out of watching people fall over.  Ice is great for slapstick falls.  Plus you can skate on it.
  11. Food.  Winter is the best time of the year to over eat.  You need the extra fat as insulation and it provides plenty of energy.
  12. Stinky cheese.  This is probably just me but I only really buy stinky cheese when it gets freezing cold in the winter.
  13. Nuts.  The shelled variety.  I love eating them almost as much as cracking the shells.

In other news I went to my former next door neighbours funeral at lunchtime today.  Despite having no living relatives the crematorium was packed out.  It seems that the friendly old bloke from next door who grew his own veggies had spent the last several decades being a great help to people.  People appreciate this for some reason.  Food for thought, at least for me.  I may just put myself out a bit more for others next year.

I’m going to raise a glass to Reg on the way home.  Cheers everyone.

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